Mobilizing your business since 2010

We are a specialised IT integrator providing hardware, software and services for the modern workplace.
Our team of experts works for the TOP500 enterprises and larger public institutions in Belgium and Luxemburg.

Building your
modern workplace

Our vision

Employees seek more flexibility, employers look for more efficiency. In a perfect world the modern workplace is where both ambitions meet.

Our mission

From design, installation up to employee support, we select the best tools and share our expert knowledge to make your business more efficient.

Keep the balance

In every project we balance IT operational efficiency with cybersecurity and employee experience.

Improve operational efficiency

The IT team gains time managing end-points by using better tools


Cybersecurity improves by eliminating passwords and better workplace protection


Employees prefer their favourite tools for work and maximum flexibility

Pure focus on the modern workplace

We ship pre-configured premium brand mobile devices. We configure, control and secure mobile devices and apps.
We provide app development, consulting services and complete outsourcing projects.

A team of continuous learners

Our consultants are considered as the ‘mobile experts’ in our customers IT team. We like to partner with other experts in their domain to build the best possible solution. We learn every day and are committed in keeping the expert level.

Continuous innovation

Since 2010 we’ve been building up expertise and experience. This triggers new ideas and drives innovation. Thanks to our team, partnerships and public support we have been able to develop new technology to support our customers even better.

Our latest development is the Workplace Self Service portal, bringing all device management portals and employee tools in one dashboard.

The Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance

Together with market leading workplace management companies across Europe we have founded The EMEA.

The mission of this alliance, of which mobco is founding member, is to share technical information, services and resources to the benefit of our customers: this means faster problem resolution and state-of-the-art services.

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