Apple Financial Services

Lease your Apple Material and save up to 30%

Apple Financial Services offers the possibility to work with the best new material available without high purchasing costs upfront. A limited monthly fee allows you to increase productivity and employee satisfaction and strengthen your company’s image towards customers and partners.

The customer benefits of leasing

  • Budgeting: residual value is taken into account which means a low monthly fee
  • Lower total cost of ownership: no big investments
  • No technology obsolescence risk
  • Attract & retain talents by offering the best material available
  • Multiple EOL-solutions (return, buy out, continuation lease)

mobco and Apple team up

mobco and Apple have been trusted partners for a long time. Our expertise in both mobile IT and mobile hardware allows us to offer you the most interesting solutions for your company AND we lower your total cash-out.

Total lifecycle managed by one partner:

You can now lease your Apple material, deploy it in your EMM-solution, have it managed and refreshed after the leasing period by counting on one partner. Available for:
  • Apple Hardware (min € 5.000)
  • AppleCare
  • Apple Accessories
  • Software
  • Non-Apple products
  • Bundled technology solutions (coming soon)

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