Anti-Phishing Solutions

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Mobile devices are the prime target to steal your personal data, and that includes your company passwords.

There are two reasons why it’s not easy to spot a malicious message:

  • Your mobile screen is just not big enough to display all relevant address data, so you don’t even see the ‘strange’ address the hacker is using
  • The messages are coming through all media and apps, including the non-filtered private messaging systems such as WhatsApp or SMS

The system we propose does not prevent the employee from seeing the malicious message, we don’t read those, but it prevents the phone from opening those links!

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Less complexity

Offer an even better experience

Using the right configuration and device management tools we can install the anti-phishing rules on every device without any employee action.

There are no extra logins or passwords the employee should remember, the anti-phishing tool works invisibly in the background and validates every link that is accessed by the device. The cloud engine that’s feeling the tool contains a  database including all known malicious sites.

That means all validations are done in real-time with the latest up-to-date information, no delays.

Forget passwords, your employees hate them.

At mobco, we believe we can achieve a better enterprise information security by eliminating the password on mobile devices. 

It brings the best possible employee experience.

For IT it means (a lot) less helpdesk calls to reset forgotten passwords.

For your overall security it means you’ve achieved the next level: only controlled devices with biometric locks gain access to your infrastructure, so you stay in control of your data.

Start securing the data in your business
by better protecting the devices your employees use for work


Yes, anti-phishing offers extra protection when going online, it doesn’t block or limit anything on the device!

No, that’s impossible.
The controls granted to security tools and management platforms are strictly controlled by the OS vendor. This means these tools can only see corporate information on the device.

No personal contacts, SMS, pictures or private app content.

The Anti-Phishing measures we deploy on devices don’t read your messages. These tools check the name of the server you try to reach over the network. When the tool detects that the server you want to connect to is a malicious one, it doesn’t provide you the information to do so.

Simple and secure without impacting your privacy!

No, it will not.

There is certainly an impact on your power consumption, but your facebook app and email consume many times more than this tine security add-on.