2,5 euro per day for your
Apple Macbook Pro, iPad Pro and iPhone 11

That’s a lot of power for the cost of a cup of coffee!

How do we make this happen?

For starters, we are an Authorised Apple Reseller with all the required accreditations to offer you the best hardware at the best possible financial conditions – thanks to Apple Financial Services.

Second, we understand the IT burden of installing, configuring and managing a lot of devices – that’s our core business!

Third, we believe you’ll work more efficiently when you have the best tools at your fingertips.

This is what you get when ordering your workplace tools at mobco:

For 2,5 Euro a day you can get all this:


iPhone 11


iPad Pro Wifi 

Macbook Pro Touch Bar
2.4 GHz i5 (256GB)

You need something else?


This is only an example to illustrate how it works, you can delete/change/add devices, software and services up to your convenience.

This example is based on a 10 employee project running over 36 month, excluding VAT.

This offer is only valid for business customers and for a minimal equipment value of 5000 Euro.

The devices, the pre-configuration of the devices, the support from our expert team + extra accessories depending on the model.

We are not a bank and we depend on the approval of Apple Financial Services.

If you want to benefit from the pre-configured hardware, you should have a Unified Endpoint Management platform in place. If not, we’re happy to help you out here and include (1 month free) licenses to let you experience how it works.

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