Let us manage your (home) workplace,
so you can manage your business

Boost employee performance by providing them the best possible modern workplace: a set of perfectly integrated mobile tools.

When our default location for work changes to home, we adapt.

> We developed a new service for your new (home) workplace,
but build on our expertise and including professional support.

  • We ship directly to your employee home address
  • We provide remote assistance to set-up the new devices
  • We ensure a quality experience and ‘instant ready for business’
"When you consider using mobile more efficiently in your enterprise: talk to mobco!"
Nick Ketels
ICT Operations Manager Jan De Nul

Workplace hardware: The mobco Business Series

The mobco Business Series are bundles where to enrich every device bought at mobco with extra professional services, accessories and software. 

All that without touching the device pricing.

On top, we add flexible leasing in close collaboration with our partners, offering you the best available leasing conditions with savings up to 30% over 24 months!

“The Business Series combined with leasing turns your hardware investment into a fixed service cost per month!
Gertjan, product manager at mobco

Full Apple hardware line-eup: iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPad air, iPad Pro, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, Apple Watch

Buying or leasing hardware at mobco means that everything we deliver works out-of-the-box and gets configured automatically without any hassle: No need for IT intervention, staging, delays. The employee unwraps the new device and minutes later it’s operational, connecting to your network and ready to go.

Learn more about the Apple Business Series & Samsung Business Series and find out the extra value we bring!

Workplace Management:
mobco Expertise at your service

Our business is to integrate and secure modern workplace tools into an existing IT infrastructure and manage these tools for our customers.

We can include all management and security infrastructure plus end-user support services in a monthly fee per user.
Combined with hardware leasing you get the complete modern workplace for a fixed cost per month! 

“Managing the modern workplace requires modern tools to empower the employee, managing that complexity for our customers is our core business”

Björn, operations director at mobco

We provide a Workplace Self Service portal, a control center for employee hardware and SIM management.
The portal enables employee self-management and asset ordering capabilities to ensure your modern workplace is in perfect condition!
All that for a fixed fee per month.

> Learn how our workplace management saves money and resources for your business

Protecting the modern workplace requires state-of-the-art security services capable of detecting malware, phishing attacks and device anomalies.

> Learn why (mobile) workplace security is a must-have when you are asked to implement all possible measures to protect your business data

Workplace apps: boost efficiency, build the app

By doing smart configuration and integration, we ensure you can benefit from all standard available tools and services without employee hassle: we centrally control and push configuration to apps and devices.

But sometimes, the standard apps are just not good enough to truly boost the employee efficiency and you need a custom built app that fits your way of working.

“A custom business app allows you to use all the intelligence of the mobile device combined with centrally stored data; it’s time to rethink those forms and processes”

Gert, mobco development

Think about approval processes on the go, replacing paper documents and forms for field engineers, …

We understand the enterprise business and we know how to build apps.

> Learn how we develop enterprise apps and how a low investment can yield a high business return 

The iPad Pro is the best companion for employees who are often on the road

Your employees require super tools to boost their efficiency.
We can help with that and mobilize your business!