10 easy ways to clean & speed up your computer!

10 easy ways to clean & speed up your computer

If your computer is more than a year or two, its basic functions might be slowing down. There are several reasons for this, but the good news is that some of these factors can be mitigated or even prevented. Let us walk you through some easy tips and tricks to make your computer faster! 

1. Organize Desktop Icons

By categorizing desktop icons into folders, you don’t only clean up your background, but also cut down on your device’s RAM usage as each time your computer turns on, it must load each individual icon. By organizing your desktop icons your computer only needs to load a few folders, significantly decreasing the RAM space used. 

2. Remove Unused Languages

A simple way to free up computer operating space is to remove unused languages. While it’s easy to do this manually, we recommend you install a program or application to do this for you when using a MacBook. MacFlyPro, for example, also detects and removes the localization files in your operating system and third-party apps. 

When using a Windows computer, the process can be completed manually. Open the Settings app > Time & Language > Language > Windows Display Language > Select the language of your choice and set it as the default language. To free up space on your device, you click on remove a language to delete the remaining languages. 

3. Move Old Pictures & Videos To The Cloud Or An External Drive

Keeping old pictures, videos or files in the cloud or on an external drive is a nice way to free up a lot of memory space and speed up your computer. But, admit it, you wouldn’t want to lose these precious memories for any money in the world. Imagine your computer crashing… Bye bye, old facility pictures… Well, not anymore! Two birds with one stone! 

4. Delete large/unnecessary files

Temporary files that were used in an installation process, caches and cookies from the internet can take up a lot of space on your hard disk. To free up some space, it might be wise to remove large, unnecessary files. On Mac, we recommend downloading CCleaner to find and delete all temporary files. When using a Windows computer click Start > All programs > Accessories > System tools > Disk clean up. 

5. Launch Software Updates When Available

Software updates will fix bugs and glitches that make your computer run slow. To check if your current software is up to date on Windows, click on the Start button > All programs > Windows update > Check for updates. On Mac, go to apps under the Apple icon menu and click on About this Mac. 

6. Prevent Programs From Automatically Running

While some programs, such as antivirus or firewall software, should be allowed to run automatically, other applications, such as Microsoft Office, can be closed until you actually need them. Unneeded applications that are automatically running in the background and are thereby using your computer’s memory is one of the main reasons for computers running slowly.  

7. Shut Down & Restart Regularly

A common mistake is leaving the computer on in hibernating mode when not using it instead of shutting it down completely. It may seem convenient as this way you don’t have to go through the entire startup process when opening your computer. However, shutting your computer down completely allows it to clear temporary files and start fresh. Something worth considering, right?

8. Change Your Power Plan

Usually, computers have different power plans to control how they use power. When your computer is running slow, it can often mean that the device is running on low performance or save battery mode. Changing your power plan to high performance will increase the speed and performance of your computer. 

To change the power plan on Mac, click on the Apple icon in the top left corner > System preferences > Energy saver > Check ‘restart automatically if the computer freezes’ and ‘put the hard disk to sleep when possible’. When using Windows, go to the Control panel > Power options > Select the needed power to optimize performance. High performance is recommended. 

9. Add More RAM If Needed

RAM is temporary storage memory used by your computer to run programs and take action. The more programs that are being used, the more RAM is required. When processing large files, performing multiple actions at once or working in different programs, your computer may slow down if there isn’t enough RAM. But how to check if your current RAM memory is meeting your needs?

On Mac, open the Activity monitor by selecting Library > Applications > Utilities > System memory. If the pie chart is mostly green and blue, there is no need to worry. If it’s mostly yellow and red, it might be a good idea to add some additional RAM.

On Windows, initialize the Windows task manager by pressing ctrl + alt + delete > Select the performance tab > Go to physical memory > If less than 25% of your total MB is available, you should consider adding RAM either by buying an extra memory stick or buying a completely new RAM.

10. Check Your Hard Disk Space

The rule of thumb? Keep 15% of your hard disk free otherwise your computer could slow down. When your hard disk is almost full, apply tips two and three to free up some space. If your computer is still running slowly afterwards, you might be experiencing issues with your operating system.   

Hopefully these strategies can collectively boost your PC’s performance and extend its lifespan by at least several months! However, if you’re still experiencing issues, it might be time to look into buying a new device and we can lend you a hand. Head over to our online store to discover our assortment of MacBooks and laptops!

The History Of The Apple Macintosh

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New Year … New Gear

New Year ... New Gear

To help you leave 2021 in the rearview, we’ve decided to welcome this new year with an overview of the tools needed for a productive 2022. Browse our selection of modern workplace tools to kick-start your most fruitful year yet!

1. MacBook Air M1


Apple’s MacBook Air has consistently been the go-to MacBook for most people, as it’s a solid entry-level computer. But with the introduction of the M1 chip, the latest MacBook Air is even more powerful than its predecessor and this for the same acquisition price. 

What makes the MacBook Air your new companion in enrolling a productive modern workplace? Its 15-hour battery life, eight-core processor, iOS app support, and better front camera, of course! 

Not convinced yet? To help you get acquainted with the use and advantages of the MacBook Air M1, we invite you, as part of our Apple Try & Buy program, to test the device for free for up to 30 days, no strings attached.  

2. Samsung’s curved monitor CH89


Extra screen space for graphical applications, a wider image for office documents, efficiently sharing data between two applications, looking over reference material when in a meeting, … A monitor is multitasking at its finest. It increases productivity, reduces stress and time and creates a better environment for increased production. 

With curved displays getting more and more affordable, it might be a good idea to start considering them. On top of a productive modern workplace, Samsung’s latest curved monitor, CH89, is more comfortable for your eyes and offers you a more realistic visual experience. So, what are you waiting for?

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7


What if we told you that it’s possible to replace your computer with a connected solution for remote work? 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 simply delivers everything you need for remote productivity in one connected workspace: native integrations to productivity apps such as Microsoft Office, blazing fast connectivity due to its 5G connection, a fast-charging and long-lasting battery, expendable storage room, just to name a few. 

Even if you’re not looking to replace your computer by a mobile device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is the way to go to get more done. Thanks to Samsung DeX, you can instantly transform your tablet into a PC Experience or use your tablet as a second screen, no cabled required. 

4. iPhone 13 Pro


Apple’s newest iPhone 13 Pro is a great business phone for those who work on the move. With its 5G for super fast downloads and high-quality video conferencing, lightning fast A15 bionic chip for supercharged productivity and huge leap in battery life for up to 22 hours of video playback, working from anywhere and at any given time is now easier than ever. 

5. Fairphone 4

Key Visual2_Two

Do you deeply care about the environment and are you looking for a qualitative, low threshold smartphone to empower you in the modern workplace? Then Fairphone’s latest smartphone, the Fairphone 4, might just be what you are looking for!

The Fairphone 4 is a sustainable and ethical phone that is built to last thanks to its modular, upgradeable design. Replacing a broken screen or an old battery can be done in minutes using just a screwdriver. Good for the world, even better for your wallet!  

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How Technology Has Changed Christmas

How Technology Has Changed Christmas

Spending time with loved ones, festive decorations and decadent meals still make for a merry holiday season. Yet the internet, smartphones, social media and other innovations are putting high-tech twists on a whole range of Christmas traditions. Read on to discover how technology has changed the holiday season. 

1. High-Tech Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping is hardly anything new, but due to technology, Christmas shopping has made an incredible transformation. There have always been and continue to be two types of Christmas shoppers: the ones that do it well in advance of the event and the ones that leave it to the last minute. But technology, and more specific improved internet access and the introduction of mobile devices, has crafted a third type of Christmas shopper. Namely, the ones that are looking to buy the gifts online and this at the most competitive price on the market. Buying presents anytime and from anywhere in the world? Check! 

2. Promotion & Advertising

It’s not just the transactions themselves that have moved online, technology has also influenced the way Christmas promotions are delivered to customers. Ever since the introduction of the smartphone, a barrage of promotional emails offering discounts and festive products are delivered directly to the pockets of millions of customers, regardless of where they are and what they are doing. Something that was impossible before.

3. Christmas Gifting

Not only the way we buy gifts has changed, also the gifts given to our loved ones during the holiday season have changed over the past centuries. Traditional gifts have been replaced by smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones, fitness trackers, and many other technological devices. 

4. Picking A Christmas Tree

It’s still as much a symbol of Christmas as ever, but nowadays, it’s – just as for regular Christmas shopping – the web that helps people choose their Christmas tree, no longer the sales advisor at their favorite plantation. 

5. Christmas Communication

Christmas cards have long been a yearly tradition for most families, yet now that social network sites such as Facebook are becoming the favored way to share news of everything, this tradition is losing value. People can see year-round how the kids are growing or how the family is expending, instead of having to wait until December for the latest family photo.  

Even if you still send out a Christmas card in the mail, there is another way technology is affecting Christmas celebrations. Nothing beats being home for the holidays, but the current pandemic doesn’t allow many families to physically celebrate together. Due to communication technology loved ones can still celebrate together virtually or catch up simultaneously on their favorite Christmas movie.  

6. Christmas Decorations

No longer are the days of plain old boring string lights around the house. With the introduction of smart devices, Christmas trees aren’t only becoming much more unique, the devices also let you take control over the timing of your holiday decor. No need to worry any more about unplugging the tree or turning off the outside lights before going to bed. Your smartphone gives back (remote) control. 

7. Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters used to be found in the clearance rack of most stores, not anymore! And they have even been taken to the next level with LED lights, music devices sewn in and the possibility of displaying your favorite Christmas animations right on the sweater. 

8. Streaming Your Favorite Christmas Songs & Movies

Your favorite Christmas songs and music are just a click away nowadays. Instead of listening to the same station all day to hear your favorite Christmas song pass by, you can now listen to Mariah Carey on repeat all the time. The same goes for holiday movies thanks to streaming services such as Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime. 

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Say hello to a sustainable modern workplace thanks to mobco’s new partnership with Fairphone

Say hello to a sustainable modern workplace thanks to mobco’s new partnership with Fairphone

Dilbeek, Amsterdam, 22nd of December – Driving a sustainable business is a long term strategy and doesn’t happen overnight. As the first enterprise reseller combining services and hardware, mobco now offers a the Fairphone 4, a sustainable, long-lasting, and fair smartphone. mobco embarks on a mission to create a fairer, more sustainable electronics industry while supporting its enterprise customers even better in providing the best possible (sustainable) employee experience in the modern workplace. 

Sustainability is an urgent and universal concern. It comprises and goes beyond the typical environmental issues. The challenge of a successful transformation towards a more sustainable business lays in balancing the need to keep in motion while making changes to reach its sustainable goals. A rather difficult exercise, but one that pays off as the future holds unparalleled opportunities for those that heal, rather than damage society.  

To support its enterprise customers in taking their modern workplace to the next level and beyond, mobco is joining forces with the Amsterdam-based Fairphone, a social enterprise that is building a movement for fairer electronics by selling sustainable, long-lasting and fair hardware. 

A heart for humans and the environment 

Fairphone is all about sustainability and the Fairphone 4 is no different. “Fairphone 4 is our most future-proof phone yet with up-to-date specs, including three high-quality cameras, a future-proof 5G with dual SIM, and a powerful processor. It’s the next step in Fairphone’s mission to pioneer more sustainable ways to make smartphones. It is designed to last; thanks to the modular construction and spare parts anyone can make repairs. Introducing a 5-year warranty ensures that our phones keep running smoothly and securely for years to come and has a lower environmental footprint. Our latest device is electronic waste neutral – an industry first – as Performance Standard certified vendors are included in our 14 focus materials”, says John van der Ree, Business Development Manager at Fairphone. 

With its most sustainable smartphone yet, Fairphone aims at conquering the European market, a mission that it believes it can fulfill by joining forces with mobco. “With its local market knowledge and experience in the field of enterprise mobility management, mobco seemed to fit really well with our ambitions and growth strategy in the European enterprise segment”, continues John van der Ree. 

By introducing mobco as the first enterprise Fairphone reseller offering extra services, such as enterprise configuration services, security and repair, mobco and Fairphone are taking fair to a whole new level. “If I would need to summarize the modern workplace in one word, I would select ‘choice’. Employees want flexibility in terms of when and where they work, but also want a say in the devices they use for work. The fact that our customers are increasingly looking for environmental, social and governance business partners, didn’t go unnoticed. By adding Fairphone to our hardware portfolio, we aren’t only enabling employee choice but are also working towards a more sustainable future!”, says Ulrik Van Schepdael, founder of mobco. 

The Fairphone 4 is available as of today through mobco’s sales channels. 

Eager to discover how the Fairphone 4 can boost your modern workplace?

7 Items That Are Indispensable For A Productive Home Office ​

7 items that are indispensable for
a productive home office

With the government’s recent efforts to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 outbreak, we find ourselves working from home again four days a week. One way for mobco to play its part is by helping you create a comfortable home office environment where you feel productive. Read on to discover exactly which elements can help boost your productivity and overall comfort. 

While a good desk and an ergonomic chair contribute to creating a comfortable home office environment, there is still one more element which will boost both your productivity and level of comfort: office accessories. And let that be where we can contribute. 

1. A well-performing computer or laptop

This is basically the foundation nowadays: a computer or laptop that performs well, is equipped with the latest software and so is meeting your needs and requirements. Whether you’re a Windows or Apple lover, with our wide assortment of Apple and Dell hardware, we have something in store for everyone.

2. A monitor can do wonders

A second monitor is the closest you can get to a productivity superpower. An additional screen makes so many tasks easier —designing, writing and researching – and makes multitasking more approachable. Want the same screen fidelity and experience as with your current set up? Then buying the same model is the way to go. 

3. Snag a good mouse and keyboard

Even though mice and keyboards are often ignored for flashier equipment, they play a crucial role in improving productivity and comfort. While we at WIRED love mechanical keyboards, we also have other, more subtle options. 

4. Consider buying a laptop stand

The benefit of using a laptop is that you don’t need to be confined to a desk, you can work from anywhere. When working from home, sometimes a change of scenery feels necessary. Whether you’re working at the kitchen table or from the couch, a stand will add the needed stability. 

5. Grab a multi-port hub

If you’re plugging a laptop into a monitor, chances are that you’ll need to plug in other items like a keyboard, a mouse, charging cable or maybe even an SD card too. That’s where an adapter comes in. whether you’re a Mac or Windows user, need additional USB or USB -C ports, we ensure you, you’ll find the adapter that best suits your needs in our store.

6. Tune the world out, invest in headphones

Ride that focus a bit longer, consider buying a headset or EarPods with built-in noise canceling. Continuing to work undisturbed? Check! 

7. Take the office experience to the next level, invest in a TV

While some might argue that it’s a distraction, having a TV in your workspace could potentially make you more productive, especially in this digital age. Tuning in for research, a larger secondary display, more pleasant video calls, some background noise, … Do we need to go on? Grab your specimen today. 

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Private Relay, A Shadow IT Nightmare

iCloud Private Relay: Privacy blessing or security nightmare?

With the release of iOS 15, macOS 12 and the new iCloud+ service earlier this year, Apple introduced a new privacy feature called iCloud Private Relay. It is designed to help protect your privacy when browsing the web in Safari. But what does this new feature mean for your business? An overview. 

How does it work?

When surfing the web, essential information of you and your device, such as your IP address, DNS requests and the websites that you visit, can be collected, creating a profile of your location and behaviour on the web over time. By using two separate and secure internet relays, this information gets split, encrypted and anonymised resulting in no single party that can see both who you are and what sites you’re browsing when using Safari. The first relay is operated by Apple and will encrypt your DNS requests, so no one can see what website you’re visiting. The second relay is operated by a third-party service and will generate a temporary IP address, decrypt your DNS request and securely connects you to the desired website.

On your iPhone, you can turn on Private Relay in Settings > Click on your Apple ID > iCloud > Private Relay. In addition, you can finetune your IP Address Location. By enabling Maintain General Location your IP address stays hidden but websites are still allowed to show you localised content. When enabling Use Country and Time Zone a broader location will be used, but still within your country and time zone.

From an end-user point of view, this is excellent news. More privacy, less tracking, that sounds like an awesome package. But what if you’re in a strictly regulated business domain or what if you are running a web service that relies on that information? Let’s dive into some statements.

A shadow IT nightmare?

Disallowing private relay on your network

If you have a network that requires to audit traffic or perform filtering, you may need to prepare your network to deal with Private Relay. The easiest way to do so is by preventing DNS resolution for the servers below. Do not drop IP packets or create a DNS timeout, because this will create delays on the end-user devices. Doing this results in the end-user being alerted on the device with the choice of turning of Private Relay for that specific network or to choose a completely different network. To disable it for a specific Wi-Fi network, take the device and go to Settings > Wi-Fi > tap the blue information button > disable Private Relay.

Disabling access to private relay completely

This is where the MDM framework comes in. From the reference guide on the developers website we can see a new payload since a while. Make sure that your MDM solution supports this payload and if not, try to work with custom profiles to achieve the desired result. When clicking through to the network you’re connected with in your settings, you’ll see the option appear to enable or disable private relay.

Relying on the information of a web service

Offering localised content has been around since ages. Make sure that you are using the latest mappings from your geo IP database provider. Some providers annotate the addresses used by Private Relay, this helps when you need to dive into your connection log files. Remember that Private Relay preservers the country and time zone so offering localised content will be possible. Apple does provide a list with locations (https://mask-api.icloud.com/egress-ip-ranges.csv).

Great privacy on all Apple devices

No. Private Relay is not available (yet?) on Apple Watch. So using a weblink on your Apple Watch will expose your real IP address.

Private relay, a VPN service

No, it is not. First of all, it only works with Safari. And as mentioned earlier, it only hides your specific location and not your general region. 

An equivalent for a mobile threat defense service

No, it is not. While Private Relay does anonymise web traffic, it will not prevent the user opening malicious websites or fraudulent text messages. If your organisation is looking for a MTD solution, come drink a coffee with us.

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8 hacks to keep your mobile device safe

8 hacks to keep your mobile device safe

You lock your front door and car to prevent people from snooping in but what about your mobile phone? Smartphones have security risks too… Unfortunately, when it comes to mobile device use, there is no manual that comes with a phone to teach the user mobile security. In addition, the threats are constantly evolving and augmenting. To help you navigate your device in a secure way, we’ve listed 8 easy hacks. Discover them now! 

1. Keep your phone locked 

One possible threat is losing your device or getting it stolen, which could give the finder complete access to your personal and corporate information. To prevent this from happening, be sure to have a lock on your screen. Strong passwords together with biometric features as fingerprint authenticators make unauthorized access nearly impossible. 

2. Use strong passwords

To prevent third parties from accessing your sensitive information, strong passwords are a must. Protect your personal and corporate information to the fullest by opting for passwords that are eight or more characters long and contain alphanumeric characters. Be sure to not store your passwords using the remember me feature. This way, if one password is discovered, the hacker won’t have access to all your information. Furthermore, don’t forget to change your password from time to time. Having weak passwords can put an entire organization at risk. 

3. Utilize a VPN

If you’re not sure of the security status of the network to which you’re connected, using a VPN might be the way to go as it enables you to connect to the network securely. At the same time, any browsing done on public Wi-Fi, will be shielded from prying eyes. A clear win-win! 

4. Encrypt mobile devices

Your smartphone holds a lot of personal and corporate data, which can be a risk when it gets lost or stolen. To protect your sensitive information to the fullest, make sure your data is encrypted – unreadable. Most phones have encryption settings that you can enable in the security menu, all you must do is locate it and enter a password. 

iOS: Go to settings > Touch ID & Password > Enter the lock screen code > Scroll to the bottom of the page and check if data protection is enabled. 

Android: Go to security > Encrypt Phone. Be sure your device is 80% charged and unrooted before starting the process, otherwise you may lose all of your data. 

5. Install an antivirus

Just like your computer, your smartphone can benefit from an anti-virus program too, as the files you download and the apps you install might be packed with malicious code. If you do open a malicious app or content, the installed anti-malware prevents your sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. So I wouldn’t hesitate if I was you… 

6. Update to the latest software

You may not be aware of it, but your mobile device firmware might also be vulnerable to security threats. And when these loopholes are exploited, you risk your sensitive information leaving the device. Mobile phone operating system updates happen frequently and when they do, you tend to click them away or ask the device to remind you to update it later (we’ve all been there). But don’t ignore the pop-up reminder when it comes up. Charge your phone, clear out some space and install the update right away. This way your data is safeguarded at all times. 

7. Avoid third party apps

Your mother may have told you to not speak to strangers as it’s dangerous. Well, the same principle applies when installing apps from third-party app stores. Prevent downloading applications that might infect your smartphone or tablet with malicious software, stay in the Google Play or App Store. If you do decide to use third-party apps, research them to be sure that you’re not installing a malicious one. If the app asks for access to too much personal information up front, our advice would be to just not download it.

8. Set up remote wipe

By setting up remote wipe, you’ll be able to wipe all the data on your phone remotely when your phone is lost or stolen. Not only ideal to keep sensitive information out of the hands of criminals, but the tool can also be used to find your phone’s location. A must have thus!

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Mobco launches Apple Try & Buy: Test your favorite Mac for free

mobco launches Apple Try & Buy: Test your favorite Mac for free

Have you always wanted to try an Apple M1 device? Then we have some good news for you as we are launching Apple Try and Buy. Thanks to our partnership with TechData, you can now test your favorite Macbook, iMac or Mac Mini for 30 days with no strings attatched. Discover now. 

The Apple M1 chip is the first to be specifically developed for the Mac, revolutionizing Apple’s wide assortment of MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, Mac Minis, and iMacs by making things easier and more efficient, while providing a powerful performance. And with the recent introduction of macOS Monterey, Mac is now fully equipped to take complete advantage of all the capabilities and power of the M1 chip. In other words, never has your business had so much performance and productivity at its fingertips. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

To help you get acquainted with the use and advantages of the Mac, we are launching Apple Try & Buy. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with TechData, you can now test your favorite Mac for free. But how does it work?

  • Pick your favorite Mac by filling in the form below.
  • Test it for up to 30 days and thus for free.
  • Return the device in factory settings to mobco if you’re not convinced. 

MacBook Pro 13″, 14″, 16″
Apple’s most popular notebook for business pros has been completely transformed by the Apple M1 chip. Eager to discover what the MacBook Pro has in store for your business? Order your MacBook Pro 13”, 14” or 16” below.

This computer is an absolute first for the business world. Thanks to the M1 chip it’s incredible, fast to work in business apps and incredibly secure. What more could you wish for? Put Apple to work by picking your favorite configuration below.   

Mac mini
The Mac Mini has always been Apple’s most flexible desktop computer. Even though most people use it for traditional experiences, it can also serve as a home theater or can be used for professional photo or video editing. By moving away from the Intel processor and showcasing the M1 Chip, Apple opened even more new possibilities for the Mac Mini. Discover for yourself what the Mac Mini has in store for your business.

MacBook Air M1
The MacBook Air offers a lightweight, powerful laptop experience – ideal when traveling frequently. Its improved hardware, slimmed design, impressive security and long-lasting battery, make the computer an even greater business companion. Don’t believe us? Scroll down, pick the MacBook Air M1 from our Try & Buy program and get to work.

Try your favorite Mac for free!

Are you eager to discover Apple’s assortment of Macs and does a 30 days trial period without any obligation to buy seem like the way to go? mobco launches Apple Try & Buy, the ideal way to get acquainted with the use and benefits of Mac. Request your test product today by filling in the contact form below! 

Apple At Work: MacOS Monterey business features worth uncovering

Apple At Work: MacOS Monterey business features worth uncovering

It’s official: macOS Monterey has arrived. Curious what Apple’s latest Mac software update has in store for your business? Let us get you up to speed. 

With a few new key features coming to macOS with the arrival of Monterey, working from anywhere, on any device and from any location becomes even easier – The modern workplace made easy! But what’s new and on which devices can you install macOS Monterey? An overview on all business novelties. 

1. Universal Control

By introducing universal control, it’s now possible to share a single keyboard and mouse across multiple Apple devices. When you place an iPad near your macOS Monterey device and move your mouse to the edge of the screen, a new cursor will pop up on your iPad’s screen, allowing you to use your mouse and keyboard on your tablet. Besides, universal control can be used to drag and drop files across multiple devices – making working across devices easier than ever. 

2. Focus Tools

By adding Focus Tools to macOS, you can now customize your alerts and notifications based on your current situation. So, if you, for example, want to be focused during your remote meetings, you can pause all notifications. The pushed notification settings will sync with all your Apple devices, warning those who try to reach out to you that you’re currently unavailable. Ready – set – focus!

3. Facetime Upgrades

The Facetime upgrades being inaugurated with macOS, make Facetime a great alternative for Zoom. Next to introducing spatial audio, you are now able to share presentations over Facetime and can invite Windows and Android users to join the call. 

4. Low-power Mode

Quickly finishing up whatever you’re doing before your computer’s battery dies? With macOS Monterey you can now play with the battery odds on your portable Mac too. By reducing your Mac’s processor speed and lowering screen brightness, you can easily prolong your battery life. 

5. Shortcuts

To help you streamline your workflow, the popular Shortcuts app from iOS has made its entry on macOS. The Shortcuts app helps you automate certain time-consuming tasks by letting you add a series of actions as shortcuts and access them through Siri, Finder, Doc and many other areas. When using Automater, it’s even possible to import all of your workflows in Shortcuts. Being even more productive and efficient, check! 

6. Airplay to Mac

With Airplay, a long-requested feature has finally found its way to Mac. Thanks to macOS Monterey Mac users can now turn their desktop into a secondary display for their iPhone or iPad. Besides your desktop and laptop can also be used as an AirPlay 2 speaker for higher quality audio. 

7. Shared With You

It’s easy to lose track of files, pictures, links and other content that your colleagues have shared with you through messages. Or not anymore. With the new Shared with You section, organizing and catching up with previously shared content was never easier. Less time having to spend on opening the messenger app and scrolling through the conversation to find the piece of content you are looking for, more time to focus on your actual duties. 

macOS Monterey runs on the following devices: iMac late 2015 and later, iMac Pro 2017 and later, MacBook Air early 2015 and later, MacBook Pro early 2015 and later, MacBook Pro late 2013 and later, Mac mini late 2014 and later, MacBook early 2016 and later. 

Eager to get started with macOS Monterey but can you use a helping hand discovering its newest features? We’re happy to get you up to speed. Just download the latest version of our free Apple for Enterprise whitepaper.  

Try the new MacBook Pro for free!

Are you eager to discover the new MacBook Pro and does a 30 days trial period without any obligation to buy seem like the way to go? mobco launches Apple Try & Buy, the ideal way to get acquainted with the use and benefits of the new MacBook Pro. Request your test product today by filling in the contact form below!