10 years mobco

October 2010, that’s when our mobile journey started!

A few months before the Apple iPad was officially launched, and along with the iPhone and a Google initiative called Android version Eclair, we witnessed the start of one of the biggest changes in IT history.

mobco was founded with one clear focus and mission: we wanted to help our enterprise customers to support these new devices for work.

We’ve been mobilising your business since 2010!

We look back at a successful journey where we delivered true added value to hundreds of enterprise and public customers. Thousands of employees enjoyed seamless enrolment of their new devices, got rid of endless password changes and weren’t even aware of the fact that they were using the most advanced tunneling technology to access internal resources on the go.

The mobco team grew over the years but kept true to its initial mission: put expertise at the service of our customers. Along with the team, we also enlarged our portfolio of products and added support for more mobile device management platforms, leading mobile security providers, productivity apps and hardware to the list in 2017.

As top tier Apple Authorised Reseller and Samsung Reseller we can now state we have a complete portfolio for the mobile workplace, or should we say ‘modern workplace’?

As founding member of the Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance we represent Belgium and Luxemburg in this pan-European initiative. Together with our peer alliance members we had front row seats in the spectacle called “digital transformation” and saw the huge impact on the workplace.

Having access to all your corporate data on the go, on any device, anywhere and anytime, seems so obvious today. We’re very proud to have contributed to this fact and helped out so many enterprises and public institutions in taking the next step in the modern workplace.

In 2020 we remain true to our initial mission and put our expertise at the service of our customers combined with premium hardware, leading software and more…

Over the last years we have been building a platform with only one mission: to provide the best possible employee experience ever! It’s a development that translates our expertise and experience into a cloud service we are launching this year, called Workplace Self Service.

The Workplace Self Service is a next level platform that allows your employees to order and organise their workplace, the way they like it, with no impact on the current IT structure.
While remaining true to our initial focus and mission, we are now ready for the next episode!


Founding mobco in 2010 was the best idea ever, but building it out into this BeLux company as it is now, would not have been possible alone.

I would like to thank the entire mobco team that helped building out the company during the last decade: thank you for your continued support and expertise!

I would also like to thank our business partners who believe in our mission and help us develop new business opportunities!

Special thanks to our customers for choosing our company as a guide in managing, transforming and optimizing their workplace projects!

Looking forward to lift the employee experience to the next level!

Happy birthday!


As a birthday present we would like to offer you for free our white paper: “The three pillars of the modern workplace”.
Based on our 10 years in business we share our “mobile lessons learned” and how these now impact the entire workplace.


If we triggered your attention or you want to learn more about a specific topic, don’t hesitate to leave your contact details below!


Time flies, don’t fall behind…

In normal times, Apple‘s September gathering hosts the launch of its newest iPhones. Yesterday however, it was Apple Watch’s and iPad’s turn to take center stage.

“Time flies”, the events title might have already given it away… Apple Watch has revolutionized what a watch can do. Checking your messages and calendar on the road, opening your office doors and even unlocking your MacBook. Think of the time saved…

All detailed information on the new releases of hardware and OS can be found in our updated white paper “2020 Apple for Enterprise”.

With the new Watch Series 6 (equipped with the new S6-chip and up to 20% faster than Series 5), Apple launches a new powerful health sensor called “Blood Oxygen”, which provides you a key measurement on your overall wellbeing. Nice and handy in these Covid-times.

Next to this, the new Watch SE combines the most popular features of the Series 6 with an affordable pricing. It’s packed with S5-chips, a huge upgrade compared to the Series 3. With the cellular models you can make calls and messages without your iPhone.

These items will be available on our store as of this Friday.
€ 247,11 for the Watch SE
€ 354,44 for the Watch Series 6


Time flies indeed. It’s been 10 years since the first iPad was shipped AND the birth of mobco (more on that later this year!).

The new iPad 8th generation packs the A12 Bionic chip, a real powerhouse. 40% faster CPU and 2 times faster GPU compared to the previous version are just a few of the features making it:
– 2 times faster than the most popular Windows laptop
– 3 times faster than the most popular Android tablet
– 6 times faster than the most popular Chromebook

We already stated it in a previous blog: your next computer is not a computer.

The A12 Bionic being a powerhouse, we can state that the A14 Bionic is a real war horse.

Making its debut in the new iPad Air, it’s the first to use 5 nanometer sized transistor. That’s 11.8 billion (!) transistors in this processor, offering a great performance at lower power.

With the newly designed Touch ID on the top button, all of the known safety features of Touch ID are now packed in the smallest authenticator sensor available. Fast, easy and secure.

The new iPad Air also supports the new Magic Keyboard enabling a touch pad to better navigate your corporate apps.

These items will be available on our store as of beginning of next month.
€ 321,49 for the iPad 8th generation
€ 552,89 for the new iPad Air

With the launch of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, WatchOS 7 and tvOS14 as of today, you can combine all this new hardware with the new features available in the new software releases.

If you need more information on the technical impact of all new releases, including new MDM functionalities, please check our updated “2020 Tech Deep Dive Apple for Enterprise”.
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Stay Connected

People stay connected with their relatives using controlled tablets and smartphones in hospitals and elderly care.

Together with Samsung and based on our experience in hospitals and elderly care, we now launch the project “1 euro a day to stay connected”!  

We recently did several healthcare projects based on Samsung hardware combined with our expert support. We automated the configuration of the device, pushed apps remotely and limited access to settings to avoid down time. This got us thinking and together with Samsung we now launch a new initiative for the sector in our country that needs it the most: healthcare.

“The IT people from the hospital and elderly care homes have enough on their mind, so the devices are automatically configured the moment these are switched on for the first time.” says Jean-Francois Rigot, senior consultant at mobco. On top, the system is temper proof; Only those apps that are required for patient communication (like Skype and a browser) are allowed, all other apps and settings are blocked (Kiosk mode). “This way the devices stay operational without any hands-no service needed.” Jean-Francois concludes.

For just 1 Euro a day we’re shipping the top range devices, pre-configured and restricted, to the hospitals who sign in to this program.

The devices we selected, with the help of Samsung, are ‘special’ Xcover Pro smartphones. The smartphone survive drops and are one of the few on the market that can be sanitised using alcohol to kill the virus. Using the Samsung software and mobco services, we customize the entire patient experience: we make it extra simple to use, from selected apps to even the wallpaper on the device. 

Want to learn more on the action – check out the action!

New Apple Hardware march 2020

How the new Apple line-up
will change your business.

Apple announced new updates in its professional lineup.
Trackpad update for the iPad Pro, major improvements on the MacBook Air and double storage for the Mac Mini.

iPad Pro

Looking almost identical to last year’s models, the new iPad Pro is packed with improvements.

With its new processor, the A12Z Bionic Chip, and eight core GPU, it is said to be more powerful than most Windows PC laptops. Combined with the new camera system and LIDAR scanner, the new iPad Pro is ‘made for augmented reality’.

But that’s not what you’ll notice first… It’s that very new keyboard that comes with it.

The keyboard unfolds and elevates the iPad Pro to a more comfortable viewing position, support USB-C passthrough charging and comes with a trackpad!

This trackpad feature has been requested by a lot of iPad users and now it’s here providing a “laptop-like” experience allowing your employees to work everywhere, anytime.

The new iPad Pro is available as of the 23th of March.
The new keyboard will be available as of May.

Need more than one? Contact us for a quote.


Macbook Air

The incredibly thin and light MacBook Air is now more powerful than ever.

It features a brilliant Retina display, Touch ID, processors with up to twice the performance, faster graphics, and double the storage capacity, making it a far better machine than its predecessor.

MacBook Air now features the new Magic Keyboard, first seen on the 16-inch MacBook Pro. The refined scissor mechanism with 1 mm of travel delivers a responsive, comfortable, and quiet typing experience.

And with all-day battery life, it’s your perfectly portable, do-it-all notebook.

The design is created from 100 percent recycled aluminum, making it the ‘greenest’ Mac ever.

The new MacBook Air is available as of the 23th of March.

Need more than one? Contact us for a quote.

Mac Mini

Re-engineered in no small way, the new Mac Mini standard configurations  comes with double the amount of storage, a wide variety of ports and it’s known general design making it suitable for users who want to use it as a media server or for storage tasks.

This refresh is a slight but welcomed bump to Apple’s smallest and  least expensive desktop Mac.

The new Mac Mini will be available as of the 23th of March.

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Corona Counter Actions

The global spreading of the Covid-19 virus obliges us to take actions. As of February 26 mobco introduces full time homeworking and promotes remote customer interventions by default.

S20 and Z Flip


mobco’s highlights on the newly launched devices at Samsung Unpacked 2020

Last night, Samsung held its latest Unpacked-event and presented some new flagship-smartphones to the world. While rumors and leaks already gave us an idea on what to expect, we were still on the edge of our seats to find out all on the new line up…

Off we go!

The Galaxy Z Flip was up first. Movie-lovers already saw a surprise-ad for this new ‘clamshell foldable’ during the Oscars-show and were going wild.

With ‘Flex Mode’, users are able to split the phone’s display into two 4 inch screens showing different types of content each. Think of a video call on the top screen and call control buttons on the bottom one.

Unlike the previous foldable phone (the Galaxy Fold)
the new Galaxy Z Flip is coming to the Belux-region as well!
As of the 21th of February priced at € 1.240 (list price excl. VAT).

Early adopters will be queuing in front of the Samsung-shops to get their hands on the first distributed devices. 

Up next is the new Galaxy S20, Coming in three flavors (S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra), this new member of the Galaxy family focuses on quality. An upgraded, AI powered camera (up to 108MP and shooting video’s at 8K!), an all-day battery and a new and more secure processor, it features the premium technologies that Galaxy fans have come to know and expect.

For business users: the new S20 range is secured by the Knox-platform,  compatible with DEX desktop mode and holds an IP68-score for water and dust resistance. With the S20 Ultra you can go up to 16GB RAM.

On top of this, the S20 Ultra is the first 5G-compatible device. While politicians in Belgium are still delaying the 5G-network, it’s clear to say that telco companies and smartphone manufacturers are eager to use it.

The S20 is available as of the 13th of March.
S20: as of € 743 (excl. VAT)
S20+: as of 825,62 (excl. VAT)
S20 Ultra: as of €1.114 (excl. VAT)

For closers, we provide an update on the new Galaxy Buds+. Packed with Spotify integration, improved battery and 3 mics it provides an unparalleled sound and voice quality.

Interested to learn more about the new Samsung devices, how to get hold of them in a purchase model or leasing proposal? Let us know!

Buying at mobco provides you extra benefits in terms of extended warranty AND included business software features, at no extra charge!