Stay Connected

People stay connected with their relatives using controlled tablets and smartphones in hospitals and elderly care.

Together with Samsung and based on our experience in hospitals and elderly care, we now launch the project “1 euro a day to stay connected”!  

We recently did several healthcare projects based on Samsung hardware combined with our expert support. We automated the configuration of the device, pushed apps remotely and limited access to settings to avoid down time. This got us thinking and together with Samsung we now launch a new initiative for the sector in our country that needs it the most: healthcare.

“The IT people from the hospital and elderly care homes have enough on their mind, so the devices are automatically configured the moment these are switched on for the first time.” says Jean-Francois Rigot, senior consultant at mobco. On top, the system is temper proof; Only those apps that are required for patient communication (like Skype and a browser) are allowed, all other apps and settings are blocked (Kiosk mode). “This way the devices stay operational without any hands-no service needed.” Jean-Francois concludes.

For just 1 Euro a day we’re shipping the top range devices, pre-configured and restricted, to the hospitals who sign in to this program.

The devices we selected, with the help of Samsung, are ‘special’ Xcover Pro smartphones. The smartphone survive drops and are one of the few on the market that can be sanitised using alcohol to kill the virus. Using the Samsung software and mobco services, we customize the entire patient experience: we make it extra simple to use, from selected apps to even the wallpaper on the device. 

Want to learn more on the action – check out the action!

Corona Counter Actions

The global spreading of the Covid-19 virus obliges us to take actions. As of February 26 mobco introduces full time homeworking and promotes remote customer interventions by default.

an electric step towards the customer

mobco introduces the electric step to get quicker to customers!

As of today, mobco makes electric steps available to its employees to complement the traditional company car. The aim is to reduce travel time, avoid traffic jams and make public transport more attractive.

Office location

mobco Belgium is located on the west-side of Brussels and promotes local employment. The location of the offices outside the Brussels traffic jungle already solves part of the mobility challenges but still, a lot of mobco employees regularly visit customers all over Belgium.

Silver bullet

Unfortunately there is no silver bullet to solve the traffic problem; public transport is part of the solution, but the destination is often not “next-to” the station, bikes are perfect for shorter distances,…
“mobco has chosen for ‘combi-mobility’, it combines car, train and electric step. It’s an and-strategy”, says Ulrik Van Schepdael, managing director of mobco. He was looking for a complementary transport to the company car, not a replacement.

“Our company mission is to innovate the business of our customers, and we should innovate ourselves as well, the way we do business. The electric step will not replace the company car, it will make public transport more attractive and solve the last mile issue.”

With the introduction of the electric step and a smart combination of all available transport, mobco wants to reduce the car travel by 20% and reduce overall travel time by 40% in 2019.

As of now, every employee of mobco will receive an electric step for the first and last mile. The device is easy to be stored, transported and even to be taken into the office – when folded, it’s only the size of an umbrella.

The electric step project is realized thanks to Segway Belgium and WDR Insurances.

Cycling for cancer research 2018

For several years mobco supports the KOTK 1000 km event in May.

This year we supported the Don Bosco Technical College of Halle and one of the Barry Callebaut teams.
Big thank you to the cyclists and enthusiasts collecting all the funds for the cancer research!


Warm greetings from the mobco team

When we think about mobile we often see the ‘extra’ benefit. Only recently we hear companies talking publicly about their mobile-only projects; meaning the employee will only have their mobile device for work and will no longer require a PC. An unstoppable evolution.

In developing countries there is no time for evolution, things need to change dramatically fast to ensure a true sustainable economy in which all contributors benefit. “Change” in the local Baoulé language of Côte d’Ivoire is “Katchilè” and also the name of Barry Callebaut’s mobile project to record data in the ‘field’, provide feedback, do payments, …

The Katchilé project enables the Forever Chocolate strategy of the world’s largest chocolate producing company; by 2025 they have set their ambitions to eradicate child labor in the supply chain, lift more than 500.000 cocoa farmers out of poverty, become carbon and forest positive and have 100% sustainable ingredients in all products.

Mobile is changing our planet fast and making it a better place to live in, for everybody.
Proud to be part of that change.

Warm greetings from the mobco team!

Warm mobco Greetings

This time of the year is a good moment to look back at all the initiatives we took in 2016 that go beyond IT and mobile business!

Our Indian Summer running team at the Ekiden marathon.

We decided in 2016 to focus on the Kom Op Tegen Kanker event. We sponsored Callebaut’s team and participated ourselves to the 1000 km bike event to raise money for the research against cancer and the aid to the patients.

Aside this major budget share, we also supported smaller local initiatives.
– To Walk Again foundation
– Ekiden marathon
… other smaller local initiatives

We believe in a quality and sustainable business, we focus on mobile technology and believe in organic growth, the better business we do, the harder we grow. But every year, we spend part of that budget to help others grow as well!

Season’s greetings,
The mobco team