Say hello to Hardware Comfort, the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution on the Belgian market

Say hello to Hardware Comfort, the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution on the Belgian market

Dilbeek, Evere, February 16 – Accelerated by the pandemic, the future of work is here. Employers that want to stay competitive will have to put an emphasis on offering an outstanding employee experience by providing flexibility and choice, a mission to which mobco and Orange Belgium hope to contribute by launching Hardware Comfort – the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution in Belgium putting employees in control of their workplace and telco assets. 

Remote working was not always a top priority for organizations, but the corona crisis was a catalyst for change. With the end of the pandemic in sight, companies are preparing for the grand reopening of their physical offices, but those who want to continue to attract and retain top talent will not be able to simply return to the pre-corona crisis reality. Employees want to retain the flexibility to which they have become accustomed. The era of employee choice has arrived.

To operate successfully in this brave new world of work, a proper balance must be struck between technology, people, and processes, which remains a difficult challenge to tackle for many companies around the globe. With the arrival of Hardware Comfort, mobco and Orange Belgium aim at helping organizations of all sizes and sectors boost the overall employee experience by enabling them to become a workplace of choice.

Employee experience, more than a luxury

Technology, people, processes. The three pillars of a sustainable hybrid workplace, all pointing at one key concept, employee experience. As employees increasingly demand a say in when, how and where they work, those wanting to offer an unmatched employee experience should start looking into offering choice. While this may seem like a daunting challenge, the perfect solution might be lurking around the corner.

Hardware Comfort – the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution in Belgium with – as of today direct telecom impact – aims at empowering employees with self-service actions in the life cycle of the modern workplace. Ordering devices and SIM cards over registering devices in a corporate infrastructure to changing mobile subscription options, Hardware Comfort enables it all. mobco vouches for the configuration, delivery, management, security, and repair of all chosen workplace assets. 

To provide maximum flexibility, the platform also offers the possibility of establishing a flex reward plan.Initiating such a plan is usually time-consuming and comes with a heavy administrative burden. With Hardware Comfort all administration is bundled in one tool and all workplace assets are being automated, making it easier than ever to offer the right benefits at the right time. 

In short, Hardware Comfort boosts the employee experience by ironing out and simplifying the process of offering choice in the workplace. “To my knowledge, Hardware Comfort is the first platform where we fully integrate and automate telecom and IT services. With mobco’s Workplace Self Service platform at its base, employees gain control over every aspect of the modern workplace. By providing choice in devices, delivery address, integration with flex income plans and telco subscriptions, we take the employee experience to the next level”, Ulrik Van Schepdael, CEO of mobco. 

And who better to assist mobco in fulfilling this mission than Orange Belgium. Together with Orange Belgium, mobco already supports companies such as Accenture, SBS SkillBuilders, Terumo and Atalian in becoming a workplace of choice. Now that Hardware Comfort enters the playing field, both partners are eager to support more organizations in enrolling a sustainable workplace of choice. “Orange Belgium has been a loyal partner and I’m excited to see the product on the market. It is the result of years of hard work”, Ulrik Van Schepdael concludes. 

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3 tips on how to turn your modern workplace into a sustainable business advantage

The pandemic has changed the way companies and employees work and will continue doing so as the positive results in terms of productivity have proven that a remote or hybrid working model is most likely to be the future. Can you use a helping hand in rolling out a sustainable digital transformation strategy? With the following tips you can turn your modern workplace into a business advantage in no time!

The COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for change, making the ability to work from home an absolute necessity rather than a fringe benefit. Companies of all sizes and in all sectors had to adapt, but what about the long run? What will the future workplace look like? One thing is certain, the positive results in terms of productivity and employee experience have proven that the remote working model is here to stay. Successfully reimagine your digital workplace strategy with the following three tips from our CEO, Ulrik Van Schepdael!


1. Remote working is the new reality, embrace it

There is no way around it: the modern workplace, including remote capabilities, should be an integral part of your digital strategy. Why? If you don’t rethink your current workplace strategy, remote capabilities will significantly increase your overall technology spend. Start thinking of the office as just another room in your house where you can get some work done, and start designing a workplace outside of your corporate network, even if it’s the same building.

2. Invest in a durable technology fleet

Adapting to a remote working model requires an increased investment in technology. Even though a one-size-fits-all strategy may seem attractive in terms of management and support, not everyone in your company is performing the same tasks and therefore needs the same device(s). We can help you save time, money, and resources by helping you select the best possible smartphones, tablets and computers taking into consideration the role, work location, connectivity requirements and longevity of your employees!

3. Put employee choice first

A future-proof digital workplace strategy has employee choice in its DNA. With our Workplace Self Service Portal, we offer your employees the possibility of shopping the corporate tools they would like to work with. Based on their function, grade, and team, they will get to choose the device of their choice from a portfolio of products. To make the employee experience complete, the ordered devices will be shipped to their home preconfigured. – The Workplace Self Service Portal, a solution that covers the entire workplace lifecycle and makes the transition towards the modern workplace easy!

Looking for some more tips & tricks on how to successfully shape your future workplace? Download our newest whitepaper, tomorrow’s digital workplace, and discover how to unleash the full potential of the digital workplace!


Mobco launches the results of a European survey on the future of the digital workplace

Dilbeek, 23rd of June – mobco, a Belgian IT company specialized in (mobile) workplace management, launches, in collaboration with the other EMEA partners, the results of a European market survey that questioned 329 business owners, IT professionals and other stakeholders.

The benefits of flexible, mobile and remote working on employee engagement are well-established but adoption has not always been a top priority for organisations. This changed dramatically during 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for change, making the ability to work from home an absolute necessity rather than a fringe benefit.

It is no surprise, therefore, that our survey shows a step change in remote working capa- bility. The percentage of organisations with a majority of the workforce capable of remote working has risen from 50% before COVID-19 to 88% during the crisis. However, this signif- icant increase in adopting and implementing home working solutions at short notice and on a large scale has created several challenges.

What are the major challenges European organisations have faced? How have they addressed these challenges? What steps do they still need to take? These are just some of the questions we asked as part of our European Mobile & Remote Working Survey 2021, the key insights from which are outlined in this report.

Our survey shows that confidence in data security is high, with almost three-quarters of respondents either very or fairly confident in their ability to secure corporate data on remote or mobile devices. However, a closer look at the data suggests this confidence may be misplaced and that, against a backdrop of growing and evolving cyber security threats, organizations need to review the adequacy of their security measures for remote and hybrid working. 

Only 37% of the respondents have a mobile threat solution in place, suggesting that security teams are applying less stringent controls on mobile devices than laptop or desktop devices. Additionally, one-third of respondents have not delivered any kind of mobile security awareness training to employees.

This report should help organizations, regardless of the industry they operate in and regardless of how strongly the digital workplace is embedded in their strategy to date.

Ulrik Van Schepdael, mobco’s Managing Director: “Our report shows that organizations that have already invested in a digital workplace strategy and therefore have a strong foundation in mobile technology, are best able to meet the needs of a distributed workforce and offer staff members more choices as well as flexibility and ease of use without compromising security and manageability.”


“We are encouraged that many organizations have laid the groundwork to support the rollout of a digital workplace strategy. However, this report shows that there is still a lot of untapped potential and that more can and should be done to maximize the benefits that the digital workplace brings to businesses across all sectors and sizes.”

Consult the full survey via the link below!


About mobco
mobco, was founded in 2010 and is the market leader in Belgium and Luxembourg for IT integration and services around the mobile and modern workplace. mobco’s mission is to enable the employees of its corporate customers to work more efficiently by offering premium hardware, software and services that support the modern workplace.

European Mobile & Remote Working Survey

mobco is a founding member of the Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance (EMEA), a European initiative that brings together B2B companies active in mobile technology. Together with the other members of this alliance, we manage more than 1 million modern workplaces in Europe.

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About EMEA
The Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance (EMEA) is the largest community of digital workplace experts in Europe. It’s their mission is to help organizations roll out a workplace that relies on the best possible experience for employees, but also observes the manageability, security and efficiency that IT and security teams demand.

Your partner for Knox Suite

Ever since the launch of Knox, Samsung has been investing in making its Android based devices Enterprise grade thanks to Knox. mobco has been following closely the evolution of the Samsung Knox program, over the years mobco has been able to build up the expertise needed to implement to most complex, secure and powerful projects. 

Expertise available, at your service.

The newest edition in the Knox series is called Knox Suite and provides an all-in solution to deploy, configure, secure and manage Samsung based mobility projects.

The Knox Suite, as the name suggests, combines the advanced security features of Knox Platform for Enterprise with cloud-bases services like Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA. 

Below the included Samsung Knox products:

  • Knox Platform for Enterprise 
    Enables IT admins to safeguard data at both the hardware and software level, removing the risk of being compromised on Samsung devices.
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment 
    Allows IT admins to bulk enroll Samsung devices into their enterprise, without the need for IMEI management and verification.
  • Knox Manage
    Easy-to-use, cloud based EMM for IT admins to monitor and manage devices and secure corporate data across multiple operating systems. It can also create purpose-built appliances such as kiosks.
  • Knox E-FOTA 
    Offers organizations granular controls for remote OS version management on Samsung mobile devices without end-user interaction.


Getting most out of your mobility projects requires excellent hardware and powerful software, but it also requires the right expertise to make it happen!

If you’re interest to learn more about the Knox Suite or one of its components, let us know! Our experts are happy to help you out! 

More information can be found here on our Samsung page or use our “contact us” feature to get in touch!