Say hello to Hardware Comfort, the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution on the Belgian market

Say hello to Hardware Comfort, the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution on the Belgian market

Dilbeek, Evere, February 16 – Accelerated by the pandemic, the future of work is here. Employers that want to stay competitive will have to put an emphasis on offering an outstanding employee experience by providing flexibility and choice, a mission to which mobco and Orange Belgium hope to contribute by launching Hardware Comfort – the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution in Belgium putting employees in control of their workplace and telco assets. 

Remote working was not always a top priority for organizations, but the corona crisis was a catalyst for change. With the end of the pandemic in sight, companies are preparing for the grand reopening of their physical offices, but those who want to continue to attract and retain top talent will not be able to simply return to the pre-corona crisis reality. Employees want to retain the flexibility to which they have become accustomed. The era of employee choice has arrived.

To operate successfully in this brave new world of work, a proper balance must be struck between technology, people, and processes, which remains a difficult challenge to tackle for many companies around the globe. With the arrival of Hardware Comfort, mobco and Orange Belgium aim at helping organizations of all sizes and sectors boost the overall employee experience by enabling them to become a workplace of choice.

Employee experience, more than a luxury

Technology, people, processes. The three pillars of a sustainable hybrid workplace, all pointing at one key concept, employee experience. As employees increasingly demand a say in when, how and where they work, those wanting to offer an unmatched employee experience should start looking into offering choice. While this may seem like a daunting challenge, the perfect solution might be lurking around the corner.

Hardware Comfort – the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution in Belgium with – as of today direct telecom impact – aims at empowering employees with self-service actions in the life cycle of the modern workplace. Ordering devices and SIM cards over registering devices in a corporate infrastructure to changing mobile subscription options, Hardware Comfort enables it all. mobco vouches for the configuration, delivery, management, security, and repair of all chosen workplace assets. 

To provide maximum flexibility, the platform also offers the possibility of establishing a flex reward plan.Initiating such a plan is usually time-consuming and comes with a heavy administrative burden. With Hardware Comfort all administration is bundled in one tool and all workplace assets are being automated, making it easier than ever to offer the right benefits at the right time. 

In short, Hardware Comfort boosts the employee experience by ironing out and simplifying the process of offering choice in the workplace. “To my knowledge, Hardware Comfort is the first platform where we fully integrate and automate telecom and IT services. With mobco’s Workplace Self Service platform at its base, employees gain control over every aspect of the modern workplace. By providing choice in devices, delivery address, integration with flex income plans and telco subscriptions, we take the employee experience to the next level”, Ulrik Van Schepdael, CEO of mobco. 

And who better to assist mobco in fulfilling this mission than Orange Belgium. Together with Orange Belgium, mobco already supports companies such as Accenture, SBS SkillBuilders, Terumo and Atalian in becoming a workplace of choice. Now that Hardware Comfort enters the playing field, both partners are eager to support more organizations in enrolling a sustainable workplace of choice. “Orange Belgium has been a loyal partner and I’m excited to see the product on the market. It is the result of years of hard work”, Ulrik Van Schepdael concludes. 

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How Technology Has Changed Christmas

How Technology Has Changed Christmas

Spending time with loved ones, festive decorations and decadent meals still make for a merry holiday season. Yet the internet, smartphones, social media and other innovations are putting high-tech twists on a whole range of Christmas traditions. Read on to discover how technology has changed the holiday season. 

1. High-Tech Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping is hardly anything new, but due to technology, Christmas shopping has made an incredible transformation. There have always been and continue to be two types of Christmas shoppers: the ones that do it well in advance of the event and the ones that leave it to the last minute. But technology, and more specific improved internet access and the introduction of mobile devices, has crafted a third type of Christmas shopper. Namely, the ones that are looking to buy the gifts online and this at the most competitive price on the market. Buying presents anytime and from anywhere in the world? Check! 

2. Promotion & Advertising

It’s not just the transactions themselves that have moved online, technology has also influenced the way Christmas promotions are delivered to customers. Ever since the introduction of the smartphone, a barrage of promotional emails offering discounts and festive products are delivered directly to the pockets of millions of customers, regardless of where they are and what they are doing. Something that was impossible before.

3. Christmas Gifting

Not only the way we buy gifts has changed, also the gifts given to our loved ones during the holiday season have changed over the past centuries. Traditional gifts have been replaced by smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones, fitness trackers, and many other technological devices. 

4. Picking A Christmas Tree

It’s still as much a symbol of Christmas as ever, but nowadays, it’s – just as for regular Christmas shopping – the web that helps people choose their Christmas tree, no longer the sales advisor at their favorite plantation. 

5. Christmas Communication

Christmas cards have long been a yearly tradition for most families, yet now that social network sites such as Facebook are becoming the favored way to share news of everything, this tradition is losing value. People can see year-round how the kids are growing or how the family is expending, instead of having to wait until December for the latest family photo.  

Even if you still send out a Christmas card in the mail, there is another way technology is affecting Christmas celebrations. Nothing beats being home for the holidays, but the current pandemic doesn’t allow many families to physically celebrate together. Due to communication technology loved ones can still celebrate together virtually or catch up simultaneously on their favorite Christmas movie.  

6. Christmas Decorations

No longer are the days of plain old boring string lights around the house. With the introduction of smart devices, Christmas trees aren’t only becoming much more unique, the devices also let you take control over the timing of your holiday decor. No need to worry any more about unplugging the tree or turning off the outside lights before going to bed. Your smartphone gives back (remote) control. 

7. Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters used to be found in the clearance rack of most stores, not anymore! And they have even been taken to the next level with LED lights, music devices sewn in and the possibility of displaying your favorite Christmas animations right on the sweater. 

8. Streaming Your Favorite Christmas Songs & Movies

Your favorite Christmas songs and music are just a click away nowadays. Instead of listening to the same station all day to hear your favorite Christmas song pass by, you can now listen to Mariah Carey on repeat all the time. The same goes for holiday movies thanks to streaming services such as Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime. 

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7 Items That Are Indispensable For A Productive Home Office ​

7 items that are indispensable for
a productive home office

With the government’s recent efforts to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 outbreak, we find ourselves working from home again four days a week. One way for mobco to play its part is by helping you create a comfortable home office environment where you feel productive. Read on to discover exactly which elements can help boost your productivity and overall comfort. 

While a good desk and an ergonomic chair contribute to creating a comfortable home office environment, there is still one more element which will boost both your productivity and level of comfort: office accessories. And let that be where we can contribute. 

1. A well-performing computer or laptop

This is basically the foundation nowadays: a computer or laptop that performs well, is equipped with the latest software and so is meeting your needs and requirements. Whether you’re a Windows or Apple lover, with our wide assortment of Apple and Dell hardware, we have something in store for everyone.

2. A monitor can do wonders

A second monitor is the closest you can get to a productivity superpower. An additional screen makes so many tasks easier —designing, writing and researching – and makes multitasking more approachable. Want the same screen fidelity and experience as with your current set up? Then buying the same model is the way to go. 

3. Snag a good mouse and keyboard

Even though mice and keyboards are often ignored for flashier equipment, they play a crucial role in improving productivity and comfort. While we at WIRED love mechanical keyboards, we also have other, more subtle options. 

4. Consider buying a laptop stand

The benefit of using a laptop is that you don’t need to be confined to a desk, you can work from anywhere. When working from home, sometimes a change of scenery feels necessary. Whether you’re working at the kitchen table or from the couch, a stand will add the needed stability. 

5. Grab a multi-port hub

If you’re plugging a laptop into a monitor, chances are that you’ll need to plug in other items like a keyboard, a mouse, charging cable or maybe even an SD card too. That’s where an adapter comes in. whether you’re a Mac or Windows user, need additional USB or USB -C ports, we ensure you, you’ll find the adapter that best suits your needs in our store.

6. Tune the world out, invest in headphones

Ride that focus a bit longer, consider buying a headset or EarPods with built-in noise canceling. Continuing to work undisturbed? Check! 

7. Take the office experience to the next level, invest in a TV

While some might argue that it’s a distraction, having a TV in your workspace could potentially make you more productive, especially in this digital age. Tuning in for research, a larger secondary display, more pleasant video calls, some background noise, … Do we need to go on? Grab your specimen today. 

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8 hacks to keep your mobile device safe

8 hacks to keep your mobile device safe

You lock your front door and car to prevent people from snooping in but what about your mobile phone? Smartphones have security risks too… Unfortunately, when it comes to mobile device use, there is no manual that comes with a phone to teach the user mobile security. In addition, the threats are constantly evolving and augmenting. To help you navigate your device in a secure way, we’ve listed 8 easy hacks. Discover them now! 

1. Keep your phone locked 

One possible threat is losing your device or getting it stolen, which could give the finder complete access to your personal and corporate information. To prevent this from happening, be sure to have a lock on your screen. Strong passwords together with biometric features as fingerprint authenticators make unauthorized access nearly impossible. 

2. Use strong passwords

To prevent third parties from accessing your sensitive information, strong passwords are a must. Protect your personal and corporate information to the fullest by opting for passwords that are eight or more characters long and contain alphanumeric characters. Be sure to not store your passwords using the remember me feature. This way, if one password is discovered, the hacker won’t have access to all your information. Furthermore, don’t forget to change your password from time to time. Having weak passwords can put an entire organization at risk. 

3. Utilize a VPN

If you’re not sure of the security status of the network to which you’re connected, using a VPN might be the way to go as it enables you to connect to the network securely. At the same time, any browsing done on public Wi-Fi, will be shielded from prying eyes. A clear win-win! 

4. Encrypt mobile devices

Your smartphone holds a lot of personal and corporate data, which can be a risk when it gets lost or stolen. To protect your sensitive information to the fullest, make sure your data is encrypted – unreadable. Most phones have encryption settings that you can enable in the security menu, all you must do is locate it and enter a password. 

iOS: Go to settings > Touch ID & Password > Enter the lock screen code > Scroll to the bottom of the page and check if data protection is enabled. 

Android: Go to security > Encrypt Phone. Be sure your device is 80% charged and unrooted before starting the process, otherwise you may lose all of your data. 

5. Install an antivirus

Just like your computer, your smartphone can benefit from an anti-virus program too, as the files you download and the apps you install might be packed with malicious code. If you do open a malicious app or content, the installed anti-malware prevents your sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. So I wouldn’t hesitate if I was you… 

6. Update to the latest software

You may not be aware of it, but your mobile device firmware might also be vulnerable to security threats. And when these loopholes are exploited, you risk your sensitive information leaving the device. Mobile phone operating system updates happen frequently and when they do, you tend to click them away or ask the device to remind you to update it later (we’ve all been there). But don’t ignore the pop-up reminder when it comes up. Charge your phone, clear out some space and install the update right away. This way your data is safeguarded at all times. 

7. Avoid third party apps

Your mother may have told you to not speak to strangers as it’s dangerous. Well, the same principle applies when installing apps from third-party app stores. Prevent downloading applications that might infect your smartphone or tablet with malicious software, stay in the Google Play or App Store. If you do decide to use third-party apps, research them to be sure that you’re not installing a malicious one. If the app asks for access to too much personal information up front, our advice would be to just not download it.

8. Set up remote wipe

By setting up remote wipe, you’ll be able to wipe all the data on your phone remotely when your phone is lost or stolen. Not only ideal to keep sensitive information out of the hands of criminals, but the tool can also be used to find your phone’s location. A must have thus!

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Why mobile complicates IT

With mobile devices, we carry around powerful and connected computers. We use the device for fun, social media and business without even wondering how the data finally arrives on the device.

It’s coming over the air…

We want access to business data no matter the network we are connected to. That means we need to ensure business data travels securely over public networks, preferably encrypted and invisible to the competitor.
The firewall and VPN technology used to protect access to the data center ensures only the right people, devices and apps gain access. A strict control on multiple layers provides the best security, but also increases complexity.

It’s also coming from the cloud…

Most public business apps come with a cloud component. If business processes rely on the availability of the cloud, it needs to be included in your monitoring system. Not impossible, but what is it exactly you’re measuring? The availability of the infrastructure or the functionality of the service you’re using for your business.

It’s changing fast…

Imagine you’re trying to solve a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and every 10 minutes someone mixes up all the pieces.
That’s about the feeling an IT administrator has when dealing with cloud, on-premise, mobile device, public apps, … everything changes constantly.

With the arrival of mobile we experienced a revolution in support calls: people call less to ask how things actually work, if they don’t understand an app it’s now called “a bad app”, people now call to report infrastructure issues.

That’s why we developed a service to measure the total mobile user experience, so we understand what the employee gets.
So we can detect failures faster and fix these quicker!

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Work mode: off!

It was all over the press mid June in Flanders, there are just too many people with a burn-out. We might agree mobile devices are quite addictive and are not helping in the fight against this burden.

For most of us the smartphone is glued to our hand, and the constant news flow in social media, email
and other apps satisfies our curiosity all the time. Hence the problem, “all the time”.

At mobco we recognise we are partly responsible for creating this problem. We want to enable flexibility for your employees, so they can read email on the go, access documents etc.

But we need to help out those who feel they’re loosing control and just can’t resist reading business mail during the weekend. That’s why we have introduced the “Work Switch”. It’s simple and doesn’t need any training.

When you hit the switch on your smartphone, you will no longer receive business mail and you will not be able to access documents or intranet resources. Hitting the switch again will enable all connectivity, back to work! Contact us if you need more information on this feature!