mobco’s top 3 new iOS 15 business features

mobco’s top 3 new iOS 15 business features

From temporary iCloud storage over mail privacy protection to private relay. Apple announced a series of new iOS 15 features to help businesses get their work done. Wondering what Apple has in store for you this year? Here is everything you need to know about Apple’s newest business features!

Another year, another iOS update. Number 15 is already on deck and so are a lot of business-friendly software updates. Let us guide you through our favorite new business features, what they mean for your organization and how to use them. 

1. Temporary iCloud Storage: Efficiently Setting Up New Devices  

Apple offers its users 5GB of free iCloud storage, not a lot when looking at the amount of data we nowadays have on our devices. And indeed, anyone keeping a large amount of data on their device would run into issues when wanting to move this information to a new device. Not anymore! Starting with iOS 15, Apple will give you a temporary boost in iCloud storage to help transfer data to new devices – even if you are using a free 5GB storage plan. For a period of three weeks, you’ll get as much storage as needed to complete a temporary back up and this free of charge. Swapping data from one device to another was never easier! 

2. Managed Pasteboard: Preventing Corporate Data From Getting Out

Currently Apple provides Managed Open-In settings preventing data and content within managed apps from being moved to unmanaged apps and vice versa. With iOS 15, Apple introduces managed pasteboard, providing you with the ability to apply the same copy paste restrictions to apps. Information copied from corporate apps cannot be pasted in unmanaged apps and reverse. Because safety first! 

3. 2FA: Securing Sensitive Information At All Times

That security is high on Apple’s agenda is clear by now and is – once more – confirmed by the arrival of two-factor authentication. As of iOS 15, Apple is adding an extra layer of security to safeguard users against hacking. When wanting to login, you’ll have to provide two different identification factors to authenticate yourself. No better way to shield your account even if your password has leaked, right?

Want to know more about what Apple has in store for your business? Or can you use a helping hand setting up these new features? Make sure to download our latest whitepaper, Apple for Enterprise 2021.


iPhone 13, Watch 7 and iPad (mini): What does the newest Apple hardware have in store for your business?

iPhone 13, Watch 7 and iPad (mini): What does the newest Apple hardware have in store for your business?

Apple has presented the latest iPhones during its annual fall event in Cupertino. The iPhone 13 has a better screen, larger battery, faster processor, and better cameras than its predecessor. As expected, the Apple Watch and iPad also got a make-over. An overview. 

iPhone 13, your new superpower

While the iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini remain available, Apple announced the arrival of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Find out what’s new and what appeals to us, the business users.

Key features:

  • With its brighter Super Retina XDR display the new iPhones are designed to deliver 28% brighter images.
  • Apple has improved the 5G modem of the iPhone 13, doubling the support in 60 countries and regions for a faster and more stable internet connection. Come on Belgian government!
  • The new A15 Bionic-chip delivers 50% more performance and power efficiency.
  • Due to this power efficiency, the battery life of the iPhone 13 (Mini) has been significantly improved. The iPhone 13 Mini lasts up to one and a half hours longer than its predecessor, the iPhone 13 lasts 2.5 hours longer.
  • The entry-level model has a capacity of 128GB – double as the same iPhone 12 model. 

The Iphone 13 mini starts at € 668,60, the iPhone 13 at € 751,24. Prices are excl. VAT. Both models come in 5 colours and can be pre-ordered as of friday the 17th of September and will be shipped as of Friday the 24th of September and can be ordered on our store as of the 17th of September.

iPhone 13 Pro: Oh. So. Pro.


The iPhone 13 Pro, Apple’s high-end iPhone of 2021, is the successor of the iPhone 12 Pro and is available in two sizes. Here’s what’s new! 

Key features: 

  • As with the iPhone 13, the new iPhone 13 Pro (Max) is designed to deliver crystal clear images. 
  • The same 5G-upgrade as on iPhone 13 will allow high speed downloads.
  • New chip: A15 Bionic-chip.
  • Longer battery life: The battery span of the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) has been significantly improved. The iPhone 13 Pro lasts up to one and a half hours longer than its predecessor, the iPhone 13 Pro Max 2.5 hours longer. 
  • Better camera: The eye-catcher of the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) is the rear camera set-up, consisting of three new cameras: the main, ultra-wide and wide camera. This set-up allows you to take better pictures in the dark, to autofocus and to make macro pictures. 
  • Upgraded storage: For the first time, the iPhone Pro 13 is also available with 1TB of storage capacity. The entry-level model contains – in contrast to the iPhone 12 – 128GB of storage capacity.

The iPhone 13 Pro starts at € 957,80, the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at € 1.040, 50. Prices are excluding VAT. Both models come in 4 colours and go on pre-order on friday the 17th of September and will be available as of Friday the 24th of September. Ordering is possible on our online store as of the 17th of September.

iPad 9: Easy does it all


The new iPad 9 has a touch of iPad Pro and is still the cheapest iPad on the market. Discover what’s new!

  • Design: The design of the iPad 9 is very similar to its predecessor – right angles, 10.2 inches and a home button with Touch ID. 
  • Camera: The front camera has been given a major upgrade over its predecessor. It now has a 12-MP camera with Center Stage, a feature that allows desired subjects to be tracked. The rear camera is suspected to be the same 8MP camera as the present version.
  • New chip: The new iPad uses an A13 Bionic chipset, making it 20% faster than the previous model and 6% faster than the fastest Android tablet. 

The regular iPad is the cheapest of the iPad family and is available from € 321,49 excl. VAT – the same price as the previous model and this for 2x more storage capacity for the entry-level model. The iPad 9, available in space grey and silver, can already be pre-ordered and will be available as of Friday the 24th of September.

iPad mini 6: mega power, mini sized

The iPad Mini 6 got a complete make-over, inspired by the iPad Air 4. Find out what’s new below! 

  • Design: The iPad mini 6 is completely redesigned, following the style of iPad Air and Pro. With its all screen design, the size of the screen has been increased to 8.3 inches, compared to 7.9 inches of its predecessor, without increasing the size of the iPad mini itself. The physical home button disappears, placing the sensor for the Touch ID in the power button at the top. 
  • Camera: The front and back camera have been given a big upgrade. On the back the iPad is equipped by a 8 megapixel sensor to not only shoot better pictures, but also to record videos in 4K. The selfie camera has gone from a 1.2 to a 12 megapixel camera. 
  • New chip: The new iPad uses an A15 Bionic chipset, making the iPad Mini 6 the fastest of its kind, up to 40% faster than the iPad Mini of the previous generation. 
  • Improved 5G support: With an improved 5G support, we can obtain peak download speeds of 3.5 Gbps in ideal conditions.
  • USB-C port: Apple is equipping the iPad Mini 6 with a USB-C port, making charging, transferring files and connecting peripherals much faster and easier.
  • Apple Pencil: The iPad Mini 6 will now use the magnetic Apple Pencil 2.

The iPad Mini 6 comes in five color options: space gray, silver, rose gold, green and sky blue. The starting price of the newest iPad mini 64GB is € 461,98 excl. VAT. The iPad Mini 6 can already be preordered and will be delivered as of Friday the 24th of September.


Watch 7: full screen ahead!

While Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch SE remain available, Apple Watch series 7 and Apple Watch Nike were announced for release later this year. Discover what Apple Watch 7 has in store for you!

  • Design: Contrary to many rumours and renderings, the Apple Watch series 7 keeps its rounded style. A whole new range of colours and bands will be available. Models in aluminium, stainless steel or titanium are available depending on your region.
  • Borders: With the black borders being 40% thinner, we will gain a lot more screen estate. 20% more compared to Series 6 and 50% compared to Series 3.
  • Display: The display is now up to 70% brighter allowing for a redesign of the on-screen buttons which will make it easier to use them because they will be bigger. Also, more lines of text from your iMessage or email are displayed, making it easier to read. It also allows for an on-screen keyboard which can be used in type or slide mode.
  • Durability: The Apple Watch Series 7 is the most durable Apple Watch. It sports crack resistant glass, it is dust resistant (IP6X) and water resistant (WR50). Combined with improved all-day battery life of up to 18 hours, durability is key.
  • Charging: Apple Watch series 7 will charge up to 33% faster thanks to a redesign charging system and charger. 8 minutes of charging provides 8 hours of sleep tracking.
  • Blood Oxygen: With Apple Watch Series 7 blood oxygen levels can be monitored throughout the day.

The Apple Watch 7 will be available later this year. In aluminium we will have midnight, starlight, green, blue and (PRODUCT)RED.

New devices, new operating systems. Wondering what iOS 15 will have in store for your business? We’ve got you covered in our latest white paper, Apple for Business 2021. Download it now for free!


Apple releases iOS 14.8 to address important security loopholes


Apple releases iOS 14.8 to address important security loopholes

Just one day ahead of announcing its iPhone 13, Apple has released iOS 14.8, an unglamorous security update that doesn’t bring much on the surface but does fix some important security loopholes that Apple believes have been actively exploited. Release notes describe it as an update that provides important security big fixes and is recommended for all users. Here’s all you need to know.  

Earlier this summer, it was revealed that Apple was working on iOS 14.8. But in the weeks that followed, things went quiet. There was no beta released, while iOS 15 betas appeared at a fast pace. 

As of yesterday evening, iOS 14.8 has been made available for download, along with iPadOS 14.8, watchOS 7.6.2 and macOS Big Sur 11.6. The new software update contains security updates that close a vulnerability reportedly exploited by the Pegasus Spyware of NSO Group since February or even earlier.

The first security issue being fixed is a vulnerability in Apple’s CoreGraphics framework. Processing a maliciously crafted PDF allowed an attacker to execute code. The CoreGraphics vulnerability was first discovered by ethical hackers from Citizen Lab who identified it as a zero-click iMessage exploit by the NSO group. More specifically, NSO Group targeted Apple’s image rendering library to remotely infect company’s iPhones, iPads, MacBooks or Apple Watches with its Pegasus Spyware.  

The second security hole fixed was in the Apple WebKit browser engine, where processing malicious web content could allow an adversary to execute code, an issue that was addressed with improved memory management. While it’s unclear if it’s related to NSO’s exploits, Apple says it still may have been actively exploited. 

The urgency of these security issues explains why we’re seeing a new update of iOS just a day before an Apple event, where it’s expected to announce new phones that will probably never run on this version of the OS. A good reminder of how important it is to keep all your devices up to date!

How to download iOS 14.8?

1. Go to settings > general > software update. Wait until the software update pops up. 

2. Click download to install. 

3. Wait until your device restarts and completes the installation. 

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

The Three Pillars Of The Workplace Of Tomorrow

The 3 Pillars Of The Workplace Of Tomorrow

The pandemic accelerated the trend of flexible and remote working, a trend that calls for a fundamental transformation of the current workplace strategy. But what does this new workplace look like? What infrastructure do you need? And how do you make the switch quickly and efficiently?

The traditional workplace, a fixed office with a permanent physical presence, has been replaced by the modern workplace. In this context, modern means a hybrid working environment in which we work independently of time and place. In order to operate successfully in this brave new world of work, a digital workplace strategy that facilitates, supports and promotes this new way of working is needed. Although developing a new workplace strategy may sound like a daunting task, it actually comes down to applying a few simple principles.

1. Enable employee choice

In the modern workplace flexibility stands high on the agenda. Employees want flexible working hours, the possibility to work outside the office – preferably at home – and the choice between different devices. In short, employees want to be able to make their own choices according to their capacity, level and preference. If you invest in freedom of choice for your employees, you will see a considerable increase in commitment, satisfaction and productivity.

2. Secure your corporate data

The security of company data is an important consideration when introducing new ways of working which, like the modern workplace, rely on innovative, cloud-based technologies. A traditional VPN solution is fine on a fully protected company computer, but fails on smartphones, tablets and computers that can also be used privately. New, simple systems offer much better security and increase ease of use.

3. Choose efficiency and save on operational expenses

Although the job content can differ greatly from business to business and from function to function, the organisation of the workplace is a generic given. The message here is to make as much use as possible of external partners who have made the management of the modern workplace their day-to-day mission. That way, you not only use your own resources more efficiently, but you also gain expertise and quality at a fraction of the original cost.

With mobco’s Workplace Self Service, you no longer need to take care of the roll-out and support of the modern workplace. Your employees can now – all by themselves – buy the corporate tools they want to work with. We deliver the devices pre-configured and ready to use at their home. But that’s not all, we also take care of the management, security and repair of the devices and you can monitor them via a simple dashboard. In short, all you have to do is make a choice in budget and available devices per position and function. We are taking care of the rest. 

Ulrik Van Schepdael, CEO mobco: “Just like company cars, a well thought-through modern workplace strategy is a crucial part of every company. However, the question arises whether the roll-out of the modern workplace should really be part of their core activities. With our Workplace Self Service portal, we relieve our customers of this burden, allowing them to focus on their core business without losing control of their workplace.”

Don't delay, contact us today

3 tips to better protect your sensitive corporate data​

3 tips to better protect your sensitive
corporate data

The corona crisis has fundamentally changed every aspect of our business, going from how we interact with our colleagues to where we work. And these new ways of working are likely to be continued in the post-COVID-19 world. Designing an appropriate, sustainable, and most of all secure working model is crucial to the success of work. Yet successfully reimagining a digital workplace strategy can be challenging. Not anymore, with the following three tips of our CEO, Ulrik Van Schepdael.  

It only took the corona virus a couple of months to completely change the world of work as we knew it. The crisis, so to speak, forced companies to switch to a remote working model. Although this migration went reasonably well in a short period of time, their digital strategy has proven not to be suitable in the long term. To be successful, a structured and most of all secure approach is needed. 

Where companies used to manage everything centrally, they now must organize everything remotely. This requires in-depth security changes and structural adjustments, an accommodation that shouldn’t be taken lightly as cybercrime has increased during the pandemic. The use of personal devices, a lack of privacy and the use of new, unfamiliar technology all provide fertile ground for those looking to profit from cybercrime. In addition, the volume and sophistication of cyber threats, such as Phishing and Ransomware, continues to grow. 

In the face of these risks, organizations seem confident in their security posture. Yet the results of the European Mobile and Remote Working Survey 2021 show that this trust is misplaced. Much more needs to be done to protect sensitive data and to assist employees in preventing potential cyberattacks. Do not worry, with the following three tips from our CEO, Ulrik Van Schepdael, you’ll be on your way to a secure futureproof digital workplace strategy in no time!

1. Properly configure your devices

Did you know that you can avoid 80% of the cyber threats by making sure that corporate and private data are nicely separated? To reduce this risk even further, properly configuring your technology fleet using the latest management tools is the way to go. Secured web browsing, proper encryption, a secured copy paste mechanism are some of the latest examples of good configuration practices.

2. Secure all endpoints

When wanting to prevent cyber threats, it’s important to protect the device and the employee from sharing enterprise data with others. This can be easily done by using an integrated tool to secure all endpoints. A simple and cost-efficient security app will block all phishing attacks without impacting the employee privacy. Even better, it reinforces employee experience by protecting private apps and data.

3. Bring it all together in the Workplace Self Service portal

What if we told you that managing and configuring different devices using various UEM providers is possible via one platform and thus in a very secure way? Yes, you heard it right, one platform: the Workplace Self Service portal. The portal relies on role-based access, only enabling staff members to consult your data and automatically detects and remediates security threats before it gets worse. What more do you need?

Looking for some more tips & tricks on how to successfully shape your future workplace? Download our newest whitepaper, European Mobile & Remote Working Survey 2021, and discover how to unleash the full potential of the digital workplace!

How much time does a new smartphone cost you?

How much time does a new smartphone cost you?

Have you recently gotten a new smartphone as a Christmas gift or have you gifted one yourself? Then you know the hassle that comes with setting up this new device. Our time is precious and valuable, and that is where mobco comes into play.

In 2010 the apple iPad was released into the market, a device that has penetrated every segment of the market. For many mobile employees this has become the only ‘computer’ they use. And getting those devices under control was a challenge, that was the start of mobco!

Getting a new device into production can easily take you half a day. We reduce this time to just 4 minutes without intervention from IT or the end user.  Mobco sets up an integration between the company network, cloud services and the management platform. This initial setup is what makes it possible to reduce the time needed to deploy your device into production. Not only for the initial devices, but for all future devices as well. Automating this platform will solve most issues itself, resulting into savings on the helpdesk!

A typical integration of a management platform only takes a couple of days. Which is a small investment that can be earned back fast rolling out new devices. But most important of all is the satisfaction of your employees. Everything works out-of-the-box and there are no annoying passwords.

This video shows just how quick your employee would be able to set up his/her own device. Without any intervention from the IT department.

Setting up a mobile workforce can be challenging, certainly if your organization is used to work from a traditional office location. Having the correct tools implemented, makes the move towards mobile work simpler.

Employees use a lot of different systems and devices in their everyday work, and a remote workforce can only be empowered if these can be accessed from any location.

Since 2010 there has been a revolution in the management of mobile devices, in the meantime it has also become the standard for computers and laptops. This technology makes it possible to set up the devices automatically, without IT assistance, based on the user's profile: email, calendar, contacts, business applications, wifi, network access, security ... Everything is ready for use in minutes! No passwords required, no hassle!

Ulrik Van Schepdael

mobco partners with NetMotion

mobco has a track record of partnerships with industry leaders: companies that provide true added value with proven technology, enterprise grade, robust and secure.

We’re proud to announce to you NetMotion!

All of our customers have implemented mobile workplaces, allowing their employees to work anywhere. At the same time, all of these organizations have applications hosted on-premise.

With NetMotion we can now offer a robust VPN that meets the needs of the increasingly mobile workplace.
It’s invisible to the end-user, it works all the time and it improves the overall employee experience!

NetMotion is different than your regular VPN provider.
Using a blend of sophisticated and patented technologies, users get improved performance on slow networks and they also stay online no matter what, even when the network drops altogether.

Ready for your next generation VPN experience?
Contact our team or check out NetMotion for more details!

NetMotion provides security solutions to over 3000 global enterprises, including 7/10 of the largest airlines, 85% of US public safety agencies and a variety of other major organizations from across the healthcare, logistics and legal sectors. Customers choose the NetMotion platform for its powerful software-defined perimeter (SDP), experience monitoring and enterprise VPN functionality. These solutions stand out for their ability to actively improve the employee experience, validated by a satisfaction rating of 97% and an NPS of 91. NetMotion is headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Victoria, Chicago, London, Tokyo, Sydney and Frankfurt.

Contact us to to get more details and find out how powerful NetMotion is to boost efficiency, performance and employee experience!


Your smartphone is your PC

Your smartphone carries enough processing and graphical power to compete with your traditional desktop PC.

That’s “hot news”, but there is something new on the horizon and it’s called DeX!

This Samsung development allows you to connect a large screen, keyboard and mouse to your smartphone. The result: a true desktop experience running native apps simultaneously – the way you use these on a traditional desktop!


We have a special page on Samsung DeX.

Download the press coverage in DE TIJD and l’ECHO right here.

Contact us to to get more details and find out how easy it is to upgrade your desktop experience thanks to DeX!