Check Point Partnership

We’re proud to announce the partnership with Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (! 

With great care we’ve selected Check Point to complement our existing security offering. At mobco, signing a new partnership means a lot more than just reselling the software; it means we develop expertise and have the capabilities to provide IRON integration support (*) to our enterprise customers. “An important investment for our team and so we’re proud to say we are ready to support you with a Check Point certified commercial and technical team!” says Ulrik Van Schepdael, mobco CEO.
Security is no longer an option in mobile IT projects
In the current workplace we experience a shift from static devices to mobile devices. Most email is read on mobile-first and the smartphones or tablets are business critical company assets.
The more we use these types of devices, the more vulnerable these become: when hackers turn their attention to mobile, it’s just a matter of time before these get compromised.
“The threat database of Check Point goes beyond the typical mobile threats and includes every possible platform. It basically covers every possible device the employee could use for work” says Björn Kemps, Operations Director at mobco.
And the Check Point vision is perfectly in synch with mobco’s workplace vision: the employee should be able to use any device for work… when that device is properly configured and secured!
Anti-Phishing is mandatory
Your “small” smartphone screen is perfect to trick you and abuse your confidence. On top, the device itself is extremely accessible to malicious users; a simple message using any popular app is enough to drive you to their ‘bad site’ and steal your data.

Check Point’s approach on mobile security involves an on-device VPN, invisible to the user and without any performance impact. “In many instances we use a similar and conflicting VPN technology to access corporate resources, the intelligent Check Point technology avoids such conflicts and allows these to co-exist” says Björn Kemps. A great achievement to combine functionality and security, while preserving battery life.

The Check Point product suite has proven to be a worthy addition to the mobco portfolio, “We’re happy to announce this partnership with one of the biggest security firms on this planet, an established value in the security market. With mobco we will focus only on the workplace technology and more specific the mobile components: it complements our portfolio and allows us to better respond to the current and future threats!” concludes Ulrik Van Schepdael. 
If you would like to learn more on the Check Point product offering, please contact your sales representative or get in touch with is (contact form, email or phone).

(*) IRON Integration Support is provided with our platform management and security products. It provides you a complete support beyond the typical product issues, it covers all related components in the architecture, both on-premise and cloud.


New Year, New Services 2020

In our continuous quest for better quality services that answer our customer demands, we have put our services offering for 2020 on the next level: Extended Hardware Warranty, New Platform Management and a new Workplace Self Service and Support offering!
Software customers know they get more than just a license!
For starters, the Software Assurance is included in the software subscription or maintenance license and provides you with the latest updates and upgrades, no changes there.
Next we offer a reactive Integration and App Support to assist your IT administrator in solving integration issues that go beyond pure software issues on one platform.
From now on, we want to further in our support and focus more on our pro-active services (so you don’t have to call us for issues) by tuning our Platform Management!
This is a powerful combination of recurring Health Checks and Service Meetings keep your infrastructure and configurations in top shape!
Hardware customers know our extended portfolio of premium brands and accessories, but there’s more!
When you purchase hardware at mobco, you can now select the option for Extended Warranty. A small extra fee that extends the factory warranty and covers repair logistics.
Our leasing offering is getting very popular, and by adding smart services, you can build a custom ‘workplace as a service’!
In 2020 we bring both product lines of software and hardware closer together in the ‘Workplace’.
All of our customers have a mobile device management platform and a lot of devices, both active, in repair and on stock.
With the Workplace Self Service, we now offer a portal that handles the complete life cycle of all devices. From start to finish.
Devices in stock or repair are typically out of MDM control, but now remain visible in the portal. No assets get lost.
On top, you can add ‘any asset’ you like to the workplace: 
accessories, computers… and SIM cards! 
Stay tuned for more news on February 20th.
Complementary to the Self Service we introduce the Workplace Support! A service where your employees, connected to the Workplace Self Service, can call or mail mobco support in case they need extra assistance: hardware and software issues, new device registration, repair, migrating to a new device or professional app questions.
If you want to know more about these services, please contact your sales representative and ask for our 2020 Support Service Description!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Services!