Corona Counter Actions

With the continued global spreading of Covid-19, it is our corporate social responsibility to take as many counter actions as possible in the general interest.

These actions will be implemented and effective as of  26th of February 2020 and will be lifted when possible.

The purpose of these counter actions is to prevent direct contact as much as possible in order to delay/stop the spreading of the Covid-19 virus. 

Whilst doing our best to keep the effect on quality and speed of execution to a minimum, we also count on the understanding of our business partners and customers.

  1. Homeworking by default

    mobco Belgium and Luxemburg have raised the maximum number of home working days for its employees to full time employment.
    This means that by default all employees will be home working and time in the office or at customers will be handled as an exception.

  2. Remote consulting / work by default

    All consulting missions and technical interventions will be remotely executed by default. 
    The customer will be informed upfront in case this would conflict with prior agreements.
    When the actions require an on-premise presence, this will be evaluated on a case by case basis with a potential delay in execution.