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In a new world without traditional network perimeter control, cyber security is crucial. 
mobco integrates and supports Mobile Threat Defense and Anti-Phishing products,
mandatory to protect your modern workplace.

Where is your network's first line of defense?

It’s gone, sorry.

Since 2010 we state that the ‘modern workplace’ should always be drawn outside the traditional secure network perimeter.

Your employees want to work anywhere and anytime, we could consider ‘being at the office on a secure LAN’ is just an exception in their daily routine. Employees connect to your corporate resources (local or in the cloud) via hotspots, at home or on the go using the wireless network. Since these networks can not be trusted nor controlled with firewalls, you need to make sure all the intelligence of your corporate cyber security infrastructure is now running on each (mobile) endpoint.

Secure your corporate and private data through secure VPN connections, app security and management and phishing filters

At the same time, private apps are running on the same devices doing things you should not control.

It’s a big challenge, but we understand how to enable the employee, and mobilize more corporate resources without loosing control over the data. 

The context has changed, adapt your IT security

The modern workplace consists of multiple (mobile) devices that contain both private and corporate data. Most, if not all, the time connected to rogue networks beyond your control.

The new operating systems such as Android and iOS are handling this perfectly and can separate natively your private information from corporate data; at least if you have the right tools available (see workplace management tools).

The traditional threat on corporate networks is coming from the outside, people trying to get in to steal information and corrupt your business. The new threats are actually the other way around; they start from within your device and simply ask for your assistance to help steal information.

We need to be aware of:

– bad apps: these are apps that are malicious and typically side-loaded on mobile devices
– bad code: a library used by your developer that’s doing a little more than expected
– phishing attacks: basically a request for confidential information, but from the wrong source

Your modern workplace should be protected against these three threats, in a simple and non intrusive way.

Eliminate shadow IT by incorporating a Single Sign On solution on Android

Eliminate shadow-IT

Shadow IT means your employees think they know better and start using tools you are not aware of. Before you know it your customer database runs in a shared cloud and holiday approvals are done through a not trusted app…

Consider this: if you don’t provide your employees with the best possible tools out there, they will turn to alternatives.

Let us help you with the integration of the best possible management tools to enable your employees and to protect your corporate data.

Enabling a biometric based Single-Sign-On solution is just one example on how enablement can boost security!

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Mobile Threat Defense

MTD defines the activity where an agent on your endpoint will identify malicious activities. This ranges from bad hotspots, bad apps up to the detection of apps containing bad code.

Depending on the vendor, the on-device agent will verify the activity against a local or cloud database. When a threat is detected the device will remediate itself and/or inform the centralised management system.

This means that corporate information residing on the device will be quarantined and unavailable until the issue is resolved. Depending on the implementation also service access will be blocked for the user.

Our partners Lookout and Zimperium integrate perfectly with the modern workplace management and are installed silently on the employee device.

Cyber attacks can origin anywhere, and often target the mobile devices of your employees.


Private messages are by definition private and every employee has certainly a couple of these.

From a corporate perspective it’s impossible to monitor the content of those message and to apply network filters to block malicious content or links. It doesn’t work like that, and that’s a good thing!

This does open the door for hackers to send you SMS or WhatsApp messages asking for your bank PIN or corporate password. 

Implementing Anti-Phishing from forerunner Corrata, traditional partners such as Cisco and Lookout, protects the employee from clicking those links. The device doesn’t want to go there.

Thanks to a smart integration of on-device tools and cloud databases we achieve a dramatic improvement in corporate security.

Remote and secure access

The majority of organizations still have applications hosted on-premise. This requires a robust VPN that meets the needs of the increasingly mobile workplace.

NetMotion is the only VPN available that has been designed specifically with mobile workers in mind, providing seamless remote access in a way that actively improves the employee experience.

NetMotion is different than your regular VPN provider.
Using a blend of sophisticated and patented technologies, users get improved performance on slow networks and they also stay online no matter what, even when the network drops altogether.

Ready for your next generation VPN experience?
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