is your PC

Get a larger screen for a bigger experience!

Connecting your Samsung smartphone to a large screen, keyboard and mouse transforms your smartphone into a PC.

It’s more than a larger screen for your smartphone, it’s an actual desktop experience with multiple windows, drag and drop files… all the features you’re used to on a desktop computer.

Don’t worry, it’s the platform you know: your phone.

Don’t worry, these are the applications you know: your native apps, like Microsoft Office. 

What is Samsung DeX?

  • Connect your Samsung smartphone to a monitor or TV to use your device’s existing apps and data on a larger screen

  • Get an intuitive PC-like multi-window desktop anywhere, without having to carry a PC

  • Continue to use your phone while connected to a monitor or TV, and add a keyboard and mouse for enhanced usability

  • Use native apps built for desktop, use your data from the cloud or from your local file servers 

  • Built on the existing smartphone protection and management provided by mobco with additional device and management capabilities

  • Maintain separation between company and personal data with Samsung Knox Workspace

  • Find the list of the compatible devices in the Samsung DeX brochure

The Enterprise Experience

Working with mobco takes your DeX experience on the Enterprise level.

Integrating the Swiss Hypergate software enables crucial enterprise features: access to your local files and Single Sign On.

Most of use don’t realise the ease of entering a password only once in the morning to unlock the PC and have access to all corporate resources throughout the day. 

The same is true for accessing local files from your synchronised home directory or network drives. A challenge in Microsoft apps on Android, but not for Hypergate enabled DeX users!

Most apps run in DeX mode, and more than 70 of the leading apps your employees use are optimized for Samsung DeX, including the Microsoft Office suite, video conferencing apps and leading VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) clients.

Optimized means: a true desktop experience that is mouse enabled!

Three ways to connect DeX

1. Connect wirelessly

Wireless Samsung DeX enables a wireless connection to any Miracast-enabled TV.


2. Connect with a cable

Connect with a TV or monitor with an HDMI adapter or directly to a USB-C monitor.


3. Stand-alone mode

Connect a Samsung Book Cover keyboard to a Samsung DeX-enabled Galaxy tablet to switch to DeX mode.

With Link to Windows, drag and drop functionality and multiple windows and apps on supported Samsung Galaxy devices, users can also manage text messages, calls and notifications on the desktop.

Samsung DeX for PC: Supported Galaxy devices can connect to a Windows PC or a Mac, allowing users to handle calls, text messages and notifications from the desktop.

Interested to find out how you can enable DeX in your company?