The Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance (EMEA)

The EMEA alliance was formed in 2015. It is the largest group of enterprise mobility firms in Europe, bringing together years of combined experience in the field. It currently consists of five companies, all market leaders in their respective niches: CWSI (UK & Ireland), BLAUD (the Netherlands), EBF (Germany), Nomasis (Switzerland) and of course mobco (Belgium & Luxembourg). 

EMEA’s mission is to bring together experts and market leading companies in the field of Enterprise Mobility. Open communication is therefore key, and is one of the ways the alliance is able to produce impressive results for enterprise customers. EMEA enables all technicians working behind the scenes to quickly and efficiently share information across company lines. Resources ranging from human capital to big data are utulised to best serve customer needs, regardless of the company at the help of the business relationship. This unique synergy is key to the EMEA’s success, allowing it to quickly provide the best-fit enterprise mobility solution. 

The EMEA cultivates strong relationships with enterprise customers by continuing to focus on service and the quality of deliverables, and will continue leveraging the expertise and market insight of the alliance members to deliver the best of the best in enterprise mobility solutions.