Tools designed for business

In our experience many a mobile project requires a little more than a collection of point solutions. It needs extra glue to make it work and sometimes it requires extra components to make it really work.

That’s why mobco has developed Enterprise Tools.

Our Enterprise Tools ensure a great user experience, offer the best possible security and lower the overall operational cost.
Remaining true to our initial mission, we make it work for you.

Enterprise Signage

Apple TV is the perfect platform in your enterprise to deploy an easy to manage and flexible signage solution.

Using your existing Enterprise Mobility Management platform you can now manage the deployment AND contents of any Apple TV connected to your corporate network.

Automatic deployment with true zero-touch installation, remote control blocking, controlled AirPlay support, real-time updates, …

The new generation of our inhouse signage app shows any content, including HTML pages provided by standard web servers.
The perfect solution for every meeting room and so much more.

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Employee Service Portal

The Employee Service Portal (ESP) is an automated asset management tool that connects to your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform and your Directory Service.
It extends the perfect user experience by providing a clear employee portal for all device related activities.

The ESP doesn’t require constant attention as it grabs information for the EMM to find out the state of the devices, it is always up to date.
The link with your Directory Service allows you to assign certain categories of devices to certain groups of employees. The ESP provides your employees a platform to order new devices, check their current devices and repair.
The integrated approval process makes the entire process flow easy and cost efficient.

The ESP provides your IT team the means to check all resources, including those on stock and in repair. The ESP can be further configured to automatically order new devices at mobco, provision incoming devices up to a fully automated repair flow including front desk pick-up and delivery.

Available for mobco hardware customers only.

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Cloud Privacy Filter

When connecting your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform to a cloud service, you need to ensure only the relevant data is exposed.

Lookout is a online security service that could never run on-premise, it reads out millions of sensors and compiles that data in real-time. But connecting your EMM to Lookout should be done with care.

We have developed the Cloud Privacy Filter to safeguard the privacy of your employees and to ensure no private data is stored outside of your perimeter. The system proxies the API connections to your EMM and allows you to finetune exactly what data you will permit to leave your premises.

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