Enterprise Signage

The Enterprise Signage app for tvOS allows every enterprise to leverage its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) infrastructure for signage and AirPlay without the need for an extra content management system or cloud connections.

All you need is an Apple TV connected to your corporate network, so it can connect to your local resources to display images, video, text bannering … and at the same time allows your employees to share their screen using AirPlay.

Your existing EMM platform takes control over the Apple TV, configures security settings and pushes the Enterprise Signage app plus its real-time configuration settings. Change settings on the fly, in real-time and adapt content per Apple TV.

This means you are using your EMM to define what content is shown in what order on which screen in your company.

It’s as easy as managing an iPhone. No extra content management system is required, no extra interface and no cloud storage or special server is needed. Every configured Apple TV will retrieve its content from local or remote servers using simple industry standards.

The Enterprise Signage app works perfectly in combination with AirPlay when installed in meeting rooms or retail stores. When the AirPlay functionality is not being used, the app automatically continues where it was interrupted to show AirPlay content. Maximum benefit from your screen investment.

The app is developed with customisation and enterprise usage in mind. There is no advertising, data logging or branding of the app. You define what’s on the screen in your meeting room, retail store, company entrance hall, …

The mobco Enterprise Signage app leverages your EMM investment and uses the powerful Apple TV platform to turn every screen into an efficient communication tool for your company.


Find the app on the Appstore

Download the user guide for the public and in-house app

Download an example plist configuration profile


Contact us for the inhouse version of the Enterprise Signage app. For this version you will need to sign the app with your iDEP account to unlock extra features such as native HTML support for the app. Inhouse pricing and HTML Style guide is available upon request.