Employee Service Portal

Working anytime, anywhere and on any device

The permanent flexibility your employees want requires a change in people management, a change in end-user technology and a big change in workplace management. Employees are using their device of choice to execute the job at hand. The device choice is driven by convenience and clearly improves efficiency at work.

But this choice also creates more complexity for IT departments; automatic and remote configuration of devices, app distribution and biometric authentication are just a few of the new challenges IT is facing. Yes, we can help.

There is currently not a single management platform out there that has all capabilities on all possible end point devices. Some score better on Apple devices, others are purpose built for task workers and a big category manages a larger range of devices but in a more generic way. Choosing the best platform will be a close to impossible task when you have a hybrid environment and you want to offer the best possible mobile experience. But what if you shouldn’t make that choice?

This infographic shows the basic concept of the Employee Service Portal

One portal for all

The Employee Service Portal is the single portal your employees have to visit for their (mobile) workplace.

From ordering equipment up to taking real-time actions on their devices. The manager uses the portal for quick approvals of the requests and the services desk can easily assign assets from stock or follow-up on the repair process. 

Depending on your organisation, different profiles can be built with different types of access and capabilities.