Our solutions to the benefit 
of every part of your business

Brining benefits to the business, also means we don’t overload one department, while boosting the performance of the other. 
We need to balance the load and the benefits across every department.

In our experience we can impact three major teams: the employees doing the work, the IT department running the operations and the security team that’s protecting the company assets. 

These three teams will benefit when implementing the modern workplace: more enterprise resources will be mobile and will bring true added value to the business. 

ipad air is the ideal tablet for work!

Business Value

Achieve more by mobilizing your business

Your modern workplace allows you to work anywhere, any time and on your device of choice. All information at your fingertips.

> Take the business perspective and develop a great employee experience to boost efficiency!

Boost employee performance by providing them the best possible modern workplace: a set of perfectly integrated mobile tools.

> All in a fixed fee per month and per employee.

Technical Solutions

Save time, money and IT resources

We have the best tools and services to configure, manage and control all assets with the goal to reduce IT costs and gain efficiency.

> Read more on how we lower your operational challenges while dealing with device complexity!

Let us help you build a powerful management platform for all employee devices and benefit from pre-configured employee devices that work out-of-the-box without IT efforts

> Take advantage of Modern Workplace Management.

Mobile Device Management or Unified Endpoint Management is the ideal solution for busy IT departments
Mobile security and cyber security are one of the biggesy issues facing companies today

Data Security

Better protect and secure your corporate resources

Improve security, improve the experience and remove the need for passwords. Better control over all devices, apps and data.

> Learn from our security experts how we make it more secure, so you never loose control!

Improve identification and authentication systems, keep control over data and protect your employees from phishing attacks, in any app.

> Mandatory security measures for mobile devices