Your (home)

Your (home)

Shipping directly to your (home) workplace
remote assistance from our experts

When business changes, we adapt.

With the direct to (home) shipping services
we do exactly what it says:
we ship the ordered and pre-configured equipment directly to your employees at their home address.

For us it doesn’t matter where their workplace is located, in the office or at home.

Access to quality support, from your (home) workplace.

Setting up new equipment is easy when it comes pre-configured,
but you might need a hand:
our experts are ready to help your employees through the set-up OR migration process, remotely.

The employee experience is what counts, making it work!

How does it work?

When you only need a few items or just one workplace to set-up, you can go to our online shop at 

When you would like to roll out a bigger project for more than just one employee, contact our sales team.
They will be happy to discuss with you the best possible pricing for both hardware and services.

> See below for the contact form, the more detailed the request, the faster you’ll get going!


What hardware can be ordered?

We bring you premium brand hardware, that includes Apple and Samsung devices.
On top of this we have an almost unlimited number of accessories we can provide you at the best possible pricing.

Bottom line: smartphones, tablets and computers
+ all possible accessories

> More information can be found here.

What services are included?

  1. We make sure all devices come pre-configured, this requires an UEM platform and a connection to the hardware manufacturer.
    Making all this work is our job!
  2. Shipping to the (home) workplace,
    the physical transport of the hardware
  3. Optional remote assistance service for migration to the new devices,
    set-up new hardware or just support ‘in case of’

It’s a small project, we’ll manage that for you!

Tell us about your project