Rugged Mobility For Enterprise

Enterprise mobility works best when it’s perfectly aligned to your business needs. By teaming up with Honeywell, mobco offers an end-to-end solution for even the most demanding environments. With Honeywell’s mobile devices, printers and barcode scanners, increasing operational efficiency, safety and productivity are now piece of cake. 

Unlock Your Sustainable Modern Workplace

Reliable in even the most challenging environments

Improve productivity and accelerate your operations

A favorable Total Cost Of Ownership, a bigger IT budget

Data-driven insights to reinforce operational efficiency

Flexible financing options on all (mobile) devices

A solution for every environment and application

Suitable for even the most demanding environments

Harsh environments ask for devices designed to tackle the challenges associated with them. Cold temperatures, water and dust, Honeywell devices are ready for even the most demanding environments. On top, the devices are well protected against drop damage and can be used with wet hands and gloves, making them a reliable manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, and delivery partner. 


Keep productivity on track

Constantly changing out batteries, dealing with a device that’s difficult to read, handle or operate can bring a simple task to an abrupt end. When workers are armed with the right equipment, productivity improves dramatically. Honeywell devices are designed to be user-friendly, beginning with an easy and quick set-up process over simple loading of media to fast performance. The perfect companion for employees on the go! 

Say hello to a favorable TCO

Each and every Honeywell device is designed to be rugged and user-friendly. In other words, they are created to last longer, need fewer repairs, and offer rock-solid security. Pick Honeywell, invest in a mobile fleet that can take it, and get a favorable Total Cost of Ownership in return. 


In-depth business insights? Check!

As traditional insights are not enough to notably reduce the Total Cost of Ownership and ensure ongoing productivity, Honeywell devices come with Operational Intelligence: A suite of solutions that provides deep, data-driven insights, enables workflow automation that prevents issues before they happen and helps manage issues in real time, greatly reducing IT support costs and negative impacts on productivity. 

A flexible, sustainable modern workplace

Thanks to our durable cooperation with financial institutions, we are able to offer flexible financing options on all Honeywell devices, letting you pick the solution of your choice. Want to go an extra mile? We can manage your entire modern workplace for a fixed fee per employee per month, more time and energy for you to focus on your core business.


Purpose-built for the task at hand

When it comes to mobile computers, barcode scanners, and printers, Honeywell covers all the bases. From their industry leading RT10 and CT50 devices, to the ultra-rugged CK and CN mobile computers, we can help you choose the perfect rugged solution based on your enterprise’s needs and requirements. 

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