How your inventory can save money

Most of the time, your inventory costs your company money. It is expensive to maintain a clear overview of all your assets since you spend a lot of time and resources on this. That’s why back in 2017 we had the idea of building an intelligent asset management tool that re-uses information that exists in different locations such as smartphone inventory, repair process, SIM card management, and other information. By bringing that information together in one platform (the Employee Service Portal) we build a simple portal that is accessible for employees, the service desk and product managers.

It has been 2 years since we first launched the ESP, and since then we have worked hard at making the portal even better. Last month, we were very proud to present ESP 2.0 at the Mobility Matters conference in Rotterdam. Perfect timing for an interview with Ulrik Van Schepdael, who designed the initial structure of the ESP portal.

It’s more than mobile devices

“When we look at the new workplace, we see mobile tools including devices, SIM, accessories, … it’s so much more than just a smartphone” says Ulrik, “so an asset management tool should include all those components, but we noticed that most don’t. That’s when we realized we should build it ourselves.”

Building an inventory has never been easier

It’s an intelligent platform because it avoids double work by re-using existing information,” says Ulrik. By connecting to the device management platform, such as MobileIron, Microsoft InTune or Workspace One, it reads all device details linked to users or employees. Moreover, the Employee Service portal also incorporates other device details and metadata. Even mobco’s own delivery and repair information is part of the portal! All that data is reworked and presented to the users of the ESP platform.

When you look up the assets that belong to one employee in our ESP portal, you get a comprehensive and clear overview of all the components the employee uses. Simple and effective! “Building an inventory has never been easier, just one click to synchronize and it’s done” confirms Ulrik.

ESP understands the business

“The life cycle of an asset in a company starts by requesting that asset to your management, it gets delivered and configured, might go to repair and finally gets decommissioned…” says Ulrik, “that flow is understood by the Employee Service Portal and acts in every step of that process”.

Every employee gets access to the portal and can request new assets from a menu that is linked to his or her function. After the employee’s request is approved by his or her manager, the service manager can assign a new device from stock, order or even re-assign from another user.

What’s new in ESP 2.0

“The current IT world is no longer dominated by one vendor, there is a multitude of service providers the ESP needs to connect to, that’s 2.0!” says Ulrik. With the first release, there was only one connection possible to an MDM platform, with the new release the platform can connect to multiple MDM’s at the same time.

With the new release, we also included new workflow mechanisms that translate business logic into automated scenarios. “Imagine your Mobile Threat Protection detects an issue on the iPhone of an employee, now the ESP can automatically lock the Active Directory account of that employee: it uses information from a system as a trigger to act on another system – very powerful!” concludes Ulrik.

Having a good, up-to-date and automated inventory of all your workplace assets is crucial and saves you money:

– order new devices when needed and allowed 
– understand the age of the fleet and renewal budget 
– track repair and statistics 
– go beyond the device and track SIM and accessories 
– link multiple sources together into a single portal 
– simplify management and support 
– enable self-management 

The ESP is part of the mobco Workplace Management Services and is available separately upon request. For more information contact our sales team on!