Lookout Continuous Conditional Access

As organisations increasingly invest in a remote working strategy to empower employee productivity, the need to protect their sensitive corporate data on mobile devices becomes an even more important agenda point. Attacks like phishing and device vulnerability can take place in a couple of seconds and may remain unnoticed until it’s too late. Or not?

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Your new partner in guaranteeing device health

Threat actors know that your employees are using smartphones and tablets for both personal and work reasons, and will leverage personal channels to gain access to enterprise assets. Without continuous visibility into what’s going on, you may never know a device connecting to your infrastructure is compromised until it’s too late. Discover below how we, in collaboration with Lookout, enable continuous conditional access to ensure your data is secure while safeguarding your employees’ privacy!

Monitoring endpoints

Lookout continuously assesses the health of your employees' devices accessing corporate data by dynamically monitoring the health of an endpoint while the user is connected. This way your devices are safe at all times, while safeguarding the privacy of your employees!

Continuous health checks

Some mobile device management platforms only renew identity tokens every 24 hours, which doesn't only make it difficult to have continuous visibility of the devices employees use to access the corporate infrastructure, but by the time the platform signalises a threat, the harm might already be done. Lookout Continuous Conditional Access, on the other hand, ensures that the health of the devices is being checked at all times. Safety first!

Alerts & remediation steps

Is danger lurking around the corner? Then your employees will receive messages with alerts and remediation steps on malicious apps, network connections and system anomalies. Better safe than sorry, right?

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