Lookout Zero Trust

In the modern workplace, being productive no longer means you need to be at the office. Cloud and remote-accessible infrastructures enable employees to work from anywhere and on any device. However this freedom presents a new challenge for security teams looking to empower employees while protecting corporate data. Do not worry, with Lookout Zero Trust, securing mobile devices was never easier!

Your new partner in securing mobile devices

The rapid adoption of remote working practices during the COVID-19 crisis, and the positive results in terms of productivity and employee experience, have proven that a work-from-anywhere strategy is most likely to be the future work model. Yet adapting to this new reality has proven to be a big challenge in terms of security for organisations in all sectors and of all sizes. Employees working outside the traditional premises are using devices and networks you cannot control. Or can you? 

Secured at any location

To fully protect corporate data, one must assume that no device is trustworthy until its risk level is verified. Lookout enables you to implement a zero trust approach to secure your organisation's infrastructure, regardless of where your employees reside.

Individual risk evaluation

Lookout Zero Trust continuously evaluates the unique risk level of each employee's account, device and network to ensure your corporate data is protected to the fullest.

From endpoint to cloud

You need to maintain control over your data as it goes wherever your employees are. With Lookout Zero Trust you get visibility into what's going on from endpoint to cloud while protecting the privacy of your employees.

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