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New Year, new ambitions!
Wishing you good luck, joy, business and most importantly a good health!
On top, we also wish you less time on the road and more time on what matters, also for ourselves this is key to success.
This year, a follow-up article was published in De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad on the introduction of e-step to promote our combi-mobility-plan.
The e-step is not the silver bullet to solve the mobility issue, but it does help. Small steps towards a better (faster) mobility!

Sint-Martens-BodegemEnglish translation of original article in De Standaard of January 2, 2020

The IT company mobco had a rather special Christmas present for their employees last year. The 20 company cars got equipped with e-steps!
These compact steps are part of a well-thought ‘combi-mobility-plan’, in which these handy transport devices complement the company car and should also stimulate the use of public transport. ‘By making a smart combination of car, public transport and step, we want to reduce the travel time by 40% and the number of traditional car-miles by 20%’, said Ulrik Van Schepdael at that time. However, a year later that ambition became only partly true. ‘In a number of cases we can actually reduce the travel time’, says Ulrik Van Schepdael, ‘but only when the step is used to cover the last mile from where our employees park their car to the final destination.’
Using the step in combination with public transport is currently not a realistic option. The frequency of trains and busses during the day is too low and the road infrastructure is not always safe to use the step.
Overall, Van Schepdael is positive about the project. Most of our employees regularly use the step. ‘Every car-mile we save is a benefit.’
This Christmas the company introduced a new edition of its combi-mobility-plan. ‘We just can’t go around the company car, but we do encourage our employees to opt for environment friendly cars and they can also use the allocated budget for e-bikes or bikes.’

link to original article in ‘De Standaard’