mobco’s top 3 new iOS 15 business features

From temporary iCloud storage over mail privacy protection to private relay. Apple announced a series of new iOS 15 features to help businesses get their work done. Wondering what Apple has in store for you this year? Here is everything you need to know about Apple’s newest business features!

Another year, another iOS update. Number 15 is already on deck and so are a lot of business-friendly software updates. Let us guide you through our favorite new business features, what they mean for your organization and how to use them.


1. Temporary iCloud Storage: Efficiently Setting Up New Devices  

Apple offers its users 5GB of free iCloud storage, not a lot when looking at the amount of data we nowadays have on our devices. And indeed, anyone keeping a large amount of data on their device would run into issues when wanting to move this information to a new device. Not anymore! Starting with iOS 15, Apple will give you a temporary boost in iCloud storage to help transfer data to new devices – even if you are using a free 5GB storage plan. For a period of three weeks, you’ll get as much storage as needed to complete a temporary back up and this free of charge. Swapping data from one device to another was never easier!


2. Managed Pasteboard: Preventing Corporate Data From Getting Out

Currently Apple provides Managed Open-In settings preventing data and content within managed apps from being moved to unmanaged apps and vice versa. With iOS 15, Apple introduces managed pasteboard, providing you with the ability to apply the same copy paste restrictions to apps. Information copied from corporate apps cannot be pasted in unmanaged apps and reverse. Because safety first!


3. 2FA: Securing Sensitive Information At All Times

That security is high on Apple’s agenda is clear by now and is – once more – confirmed by the arrival of two-factor authentication. As of iOS 15, Apple is adding an extra layer of security to safeguard users against hacking. When wanting to login, you’ll have to provide two different identification factors to authenticate yourself. No better way to shield your account even if your password has leaked, right?


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