MobileIron Live 2018 – Berlin

Time for a short recap of Mobileiron Live 2018! Together with a delegation of our customers and our EMEA partners we spent two days (and nights) in Berlin to learn about the latest evolution in UEM. UEM? Well, Gartner decided it’s time to change the acronym again, moving from Mobile Device Management to Enterprise Mobility Management, we now talk about Unified Endpoint Management! (Gartner report on UEM coming out soon). Making a summary of every presentation would be impossible, but let me highlight a few of the conference take-aways.


1. Cloud Authentication through Mobileiron Access

To better protect your cloud services such as Salesforce or Office 365, Access is providing extra security. Access is not replacing your current IDP (in most cases ADFS), it adds an extra layer of device check (just like Sentry does for your mobile mail), and there’s more… Authenticator is a new feature that allows you to have seamless 2-factor authentication on your mobile device to access cloud services – on any device. Logging in on your desktop can trigger a notification on your mobile to ensure it’s really you! And than there’s SSO! Single Sign On – a much appreciated feature by every employee is now extended to cloud services on mobile devices thanks to Access!


2. Android Enterprise is here to stay

With zero-touch deployment of Android devices and better support to secure ‘any’ app for business, Android is rapidly increasing its market share in enterprises. Google got the message and have launched several initiatives to provide enterprise features on a broad scale, not only linked to specific vendors or software. This basically means that the guidance we provided last year on Android app development is confirmed (native AppConfig methods are to be used). It doesn’t come as a surprise that with consumer market saturation, the enterprise business gains more attention.


3. We want apps, more apps!

With UEM we provide the business the perfect platform to rapidly deploy apps, secure content and improve productivity. But we also notice the business is not always aware of those possibilities and time to market is in many cases way too long. Call it our ‘mission’ for the next months to bring more business ideas on the table to inspire you. We have several off-the-shelve apps available, we can custom build apps, show partner apps and more. In the coming weeks we’ll be announcing new possibilities to move from “data+idea” to “mobile business with app” within a day…


4. macOS in business

macOS is growing fast and increased Q4 shipping with 10%! That’s a lot of new units, and a lot of those are going to the enterprise customers. Today we can manage a mac just like an iPad, it’s not only easy – but the good thing is that we know exactly how it needs to be done and the infrastructure to make it happen is already in place! Yes, that includes secure connections to the back-end systems, from wherever you are.


If you would like the conference presentations on a specific topic, please let us know! We’ll also be publishing more white papers in the coming weeks on integration with M365 and more.

See you soon,

the mobco team