Mobile Phishing Risk Assessment

How secure is your mobile environment?

Over the past several years, we’ve noticed a significant increase in mobile phishing attacks targeting business environments.

Lookout, a trusted mobco partner specializing in mobile security, reported that mobile phishing attacks have been increasing at a staggering 85% year over year since 2011.

As users are working more mobile than ever and 66% of emails first being opened on a mobile device, the stakes are high. Recent test show that 56% of employees click on a malicious link. With Lookout, luckily, these users were protected, and the malicious link was neutralized before a connection was made.

Mobile Phishing Risk Assessment

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How does it work?
Send a phishing test campaign to test end user behavior in your organization.
Don’t worry, we check the needed GDPR-boxes.

1. A message is being sent to the end users.

This is an example; sender and text can be customized.
2. When the end users click on the link, they’re redirected to a customizable landing page.
This is an example; sender and text can be customized.

3. After the test, mobco provides the details of the click rates.

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