New Samsung Enterprise Edition devices

May 22, 2019 | Hardware, Samsung

Samsung recently announced new additions to their Enterprise Edition line-up. Besides the Note 9, the affordable Galaxy A8, and the higher-end S10 and S10e, it will soon also include the XCover 4S. Other Enterprise edition devices will follow soon this year. Now, why should you choose a Samsung Enterprise edition phone?


The benefits of a Samsung Enterprise device

Samsung developed the Enterprise edition especially for the corporate market and made sure the all-in Enterprise package has everything a company needs. This includes the latest Samsung devices, Knox enterprise software and ongoing tech support. The Enterprise Edition devices bundle gives you efficiency and savings and helps you easily set up an enterprise mobile ecosystem.
This unique offering comes with:

  • Versatile devices (both high-end and low-end) for all types of businesses, to keep your team connected and productive.
  • The devices have a market availability of 2 years.
  • 4 years of security and firmware updates, to keep your private data and company data safe.
  • 4 years of E-FOTA on MDM, so you can easily enroll firmware to all the devices.
  • 4 years of Knox Configure, to secure and manage your devices easily.


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