Protect your enterprise from Pegasus Spyware

The Pegasus software, initially developed to track down terrorists, has been used to spy on more than 50.000 people worldwide. Amongst them, human rights activists, journalists, academics, government officials and even business executives. If this revelation teaches us anything, it is that smartphones and tablets aren’t immune to cyberattacks and spyware. Why risk your sensitive corporate data from getting out in the open? Team up with us and discover how we can help you safeguard your mobile fleet without impacting the employee experience or privacy!

Don't lose control over your data

Mobile phishing remains the most effective first step for cyberattackers, which isn’t any different for Pegasus. And let’s face it, even though mobile devices are an integral part of how you work, they aren’t immune to cyberattacks and spyware. So why not embrace every opportunity to better protect these devices and safeguard your sensitive corporate data? 

Before diving into what tools are needed to secure your mobile fleet, you need to ensure that the tools that you are using in the modern workplace are well configured and respond to corporate policies. Need a helping hand? Our experts have more than 10 years of experience in securing digital workplaces. Yet we can and want to do more in helping you prevent the Pegasus spyware from entering your business. That’s why we are teaming up with Lookout to provide you with an end-to-end security solution, safeguarding your sensitive corporate data at all times!


As Pegasus relies on phishing techniques, Lookout continuously looks for and analyses newly registered domains and websites to uncover those that are purpose-built for phishing and malicious practices.

Vulnerability detection

Spyware usually exploits the vulnerabilities at app and device level to gain access to sensitive data. Lookout Mobile Vulnerability Management detects all common frangibilities for iOS and Android and flags compromised devices.

Identification of malicious behaviour

Pegasus may leave your employees' devices in a compromised state. Lookout is therefore trained to automatically identify malicious behaviour across devices and apps.

Communication with C2-servers

Similar to other malware, Pegasus communicates with command-and-control servers. Lookout is able to detect when a device is about to connect to such a server and will terminate the connection before any sensitive data exfiltrated of any malware downloads have started.

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Want a helping hand in protecting your mobile fleet from the Pegasus Spyware? Contact us and discover how we can help you fully protect your corporate data without impacting the employee experience and privacy!