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  • mobco & L’Oréal collaboration
    L’Oréal created an app for customers making them able to try out a new hair cut or hair color in augmented reality. mobco provided the support management.
  • iOS 13 MobileIron compatibility
    This document provides a clear overview of the current iOS 12 Mobileiron compatibility.
  • Lookout mobile phishing infographic
    91% of all cyberattacks begin with a phishing e-mail.  It’s a real problem for organisations and companies, but gets even more complicated when a majority of these attacks begin on mobile devices such as employee smartphones. In a post-perimeter world, endpoint devices are connected outside traditional firewalls and typically lack security solutions to protect your corporate assets and data. Mobile users are 3x more likely to click a phishing link than desktop users. It is now more difficult to identify and block phishing attacks. Read how phishing is both different and more problematic on a mobile device, as it presents new channels for bad actors to deliver attacks beyond corporate email.
  • Microsoft Intune Expert Services
    This datasheet explains our Microsoft Intune Expert Services.
  • mobco Business Series: Apple
    This datasheet shows the advantages and features of the mobco Business Series Apple devices.
  • mobco Business Series: Samsung Xcover 4s
    The Samsung XCover 4s Business Series datasheet shows all of the features and advantages of buying this device at mobco.
  • Protect your company or organization against malware, phishing attacks and hackers
    Employee Service Portal 2.0 Datasheet
    This datasheet includes all the facts and figures of our Employee Service Portal.
  • mobco Development Datasheet
    This datasheet includes more information about building custom apps for your company.
  • iOS 13 & iPadOS for enterprise
    This whitepaper summarizes all the enterprise features of the new iOS & iPadOS 13.
  • Mobile Security – a detailed comparison of the available products
    This technical whitepaper compares all the available MTD products.
  • Apple Business Manager: Full Guide
    This document will help IT-teams perform the upgrade from their existing profiles towards the new Business Manager or help to sign up for new users.
  • Equip your mobile workplace with the best devices from Apple and Samsung
    Apple Business Manager upgrade guide
    This document walks you through the process of upgrading your DEP and VPP environment to Apple Business Manager.
  • iOS 12 MobileIron compatibility
    This document provides a clear overview of the current iOS 12 Mobileiron compatibility.
  • Mobile Monitoring Service Datasheet
    This datasheet contains more information on the Mobile Monitoring Service.
  • EMEA in CIO Applications Magazine
    must read article on the ambitions and capabilities of the EMEA alliance.
  • Why you need a specific configuration for work
    This documents helps you decide when you should adopt a specific configuration.
  • Mobile Active Protection by mobco
    This document outlines the Mobile Active Protection service.
  • How to set up Apple DEP
    This guide provides guidance on how to set-up an Apple DEP account.
  • The definite enterprise guide for iOS 11.3
    This document contains the description of the new features included in the iOS 11.3 spring release.
  • Lookout Dark Caracal
    This paper shows how this cyber-espionage campaign obtained hundreds of gigabytes of data in over 21 countries.
  • Enterprise Signage plist example file
    This example file will get you started with the Enterprise Signage app.
  • Enterprise Signage Documentation
    This guide describes in detail how to use the enterprise signage app in an enterprise context based on a Mobileiron implementation.
  • mobco in the air
    When you’re flying Brussels Airlines in October, you’ll find this article on mobco and how we transform the business of our customers.
  • Windows 10 with EMM
    This whitepaper helps you discover the TCO and how to get started.
  • iOS 11 for Security
    This whitepaper includes all technical and security information on iOS 11 for those familiar with IT security and EMM.
  • iOS 11 for IT
    This whitepaper includes all technical information on iOS 11 for those familiar with EMM.
  • iOS 11 for Business
    This whitepaper includes all new functionalities of iOS 11.
  • Mobile Transformation Workshop
    A workshop to define what apps would really make a difference in your company.
  • How EMM helps with GDPR compliance
    In this document a framework for enterprises is provided by Mobileiron to proactively assess their mobile privacy, security policies and enforcement models.
  • iPhone comparison (September 2018)
    This document compares the features of all iPhone models in September 2018.