5 things to know about the new iPhone range

Sep 13, 2018 | Apple, Hardware, iOS

A new iOS, new iPhones, new features, a shortlist of things to know about the new range of iPhones:

  1. The new iPhone range presented in the “S” years boost the specifications. This year, the screen is boosted as well to an unprecedented size with the iPhone Xs Max, introducing a diagonal of 6,5”. The Apple Watch series 4 is not only thinner, it’s a serious fitness and health tracking device.
  2. The new A12 Bionic chip is more powerful and saves energy thanks to its all new 7 nm design. It handles 5 trillion operations per second, that’s blazing fast. It allows a mind blowing gaming experience, but also a much better access security system with faster and more secure FaceID. During the product presentation a basket player was tracked by the onboard camera of an iPhone XS, analysed in real-time without the use of sensors. The app detected the scene, the player, the ball, the trajectory and even kept scores and analytics. Imagine what these type of apps could do to manufacturing, field engineer, construction, …
  3. NFC support for iPhone has not been improved, but is more open for developers. Also here we see a nice potential for business use. The users are no longer required to open the specific app, but just wake their phone while reading the tag. When talking about connectivity, the dual SIM option looks like the biggest news. Aside a specific version carrying 2 physical sims on the largest iPhone Xs Max, the second SIM is in the eSIM format promoted by Apple throughout the world. Although the feature will not be available at launch, it will provide a future cost saving while roaming and beyond. Since two plans can be combined on a single device, and with the flexibility of the eSIM technology (it doesn’t require a physical SIM, so the complete transaction can be handled online), it allows you to keep your traditional phone number on one SIM while using the other for the most cost efficient data plan.
  4. The iPhone 6S is from now on the most cost effective iPhone in the range. The iPhone 6 and SE are no longer appearing on the production listing, this means only limited quantities are available while stock lasts. For your information the line-up of the iPhone range (each device comes in different memory configuration, only lowest presented here), pricing excluding VAT:
    iPhone XS Max 64GB 1040,50 EUR Pre-order
    iPhone XS 64GB 957,85 EUR Pre-order
    iPhone XR 64GB 709,92 EUR Pre-order
    iPhone X 64GB 850,41 EUR Available 64 and 256
    iPhone 8 PLUS 64GB 660,33 EUR Available
    iPhone 8 64GB 569,42 EUR Available
    iPhone 7 PLUS 32GB 544,63 EUR Available
    iPhone 7 32GB 437,19 EUR Available
    iPhone 6S PLUS  32GB 434,71 EUR Available only at mobco for enterprise projects
    iPhone 6S 32GB 336,36 EUR Available only at mobco for enterprise projects
  5. And this, you can now take the iPhone XS to 1.5 meter depth in your pool (was previously 1 meter) for 30 minutes. That’s IP68 for the connaisseurs.