1 Euro a day to stay in touch

Limited offer for elderly care and hospitals helping Covid-19 victims

With this special project we would like to offer our services to the hospitals with Covid-19 patients and elderly care homes in need of communication tools.

The IT department of these organisations has enough to worry about, so we handle the device configuration and settings: it works out of the box with the selected apps and wifi connection. Even the wallpaper can be customised to ensure the best possible patient experience.

After a short intake interview, we pre-configure all devices so these work out of the box.

All devices run in kiosk mode, meaning these are temper proof and will only run the selected apps.

What is included in the package


We offer the Samsung XCover Pro and Tab Active Pro because these are the only devices we know of that can be sanitised using alcohol to kill the virus. On top, these are rugged and extra strong devices; a drop will not damage the device.

That’s correct, 1 Euro a day, billed monthly and excluding VAT for the smartphone. Or 366 Euro for purchase, still a major discount versus standard pricing. For the tablet it’s 1,3 Euro a day excluding VAT.

No, it’s only for hospitals working with COVID-19 patients and elderly care homes. There is currently limited stock of these devices, so we want to prioritise for those in need.

We want you to focus on your important business. With the intake interview you will spend about an hour of your time, count on us for the remaining actions. Also know that all devices will run automatically once these are unboxed – we us zero-touch and automatic configuration tools.

Anything is possible but delivery depends on the supply chain and stock. 

We expect to be able to connect the devices to the building Wifi network. This should result in the best possible experience for video communication.

Anything is possible.

Typically we would install Skype and a browser, but if you have other apps that are interesting you can share that during the intake interview. 

We like to put the device in Kiosk mode, this ensures continued operations without having to manipulate the device. The less changes can happen, the less issues, the less work.

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