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Workplace Management:
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Macbook Air with MobileIron dashboard

We help you in managing the ‘modern’ workplace cost efficiently:
get control over the complexity of endpoint computing, security and provide the ultimate user experience for your employees!

Our business is to integrate modern workplace tools such as MDM or UEM into an existing IT infrastructure, on-premise or cloud, and manage these for our customers.

We can work on project basis and provide one-time services, but we prefer long term relationships where we share the responsibilities; from support up to full outsourcing of modern workplace management.

“On average you will have 3 times more devices to manage, you will need new tools to be successful in that mission”

Björn, Operations Director at mobco

"mobco helps identifying the tools we need to manage the modern workplace"
Bernard Hugues
AGC Glass Europe

mobco is certified partner of all major workplace management platforms with a successful track record in enterprise integration projects.
Our capabilities range from architecture design, consulting, support up to the daily management of the employee tools. We cover Microsoft inTune, VMware, Samsung KNOX, JAMF and MobileIron.

To complement our services, we provide a performant Workplace Self Service (WSS) portal, including mobile hardware and SIM management. The WSS not only enables employee self-management, it also connects to existing management platforms to automatically update information.

We keep your modern workplace in perfect condition so you can focus on building better business processes!

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At mobco, we don’t stop there and want to provide you a complete service: we deliver hardware that works out-of-the-box and gets configured automatically without any hassle. No need for IT intervention, staging, delays.
The employee unwraps the new device and minutes later it’s operational, connecting to your network and ready to go.

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Workplace security: secure and protect corporate data

We protect your business by ensuring the corporate data is protected and secured. We partner with the leading Mobile Threat Detection and Anti-Phishing vendors such as Lookout, Zimperium, Check Point and Cisco.

Security on mobile devices should be transparant for the user but always-on and active. Protecting corporate resources in a world without network perimeter control requires new thinking and new tools.

“Protecting the business is today about protecting the users, the hackers attack the user, not the company.”

Ulrik, founder at mobco

The configuration of the devices is enriched with state-of-the-art security services capable of detecting malware, phishing attacks and device anomalies.

> Learn why (mobile) workplace security is a must-have when you are asked to implement all possible measures to protect your business data!

EMEA Academy: the first Mobility Expert Academy

Together with different Mobility Experts across Europe, mobco was founding member of the European Mobility Expert Alliance. One of the cornerstones of this alliance is the sharing of expertise amongst its members, which is also to the benefit of our customers.

“Mobile IT is the fastest changing technology we have ever experienced, constant training and expertise sharing is mandatory to stay on top of the modern workplace”

Griet, HR director at mobco 

The EMEA Academy is the first commercial initiative of the alliance partners targeting the technical IT community. The EMEA Academy brings a complete training program in different technologies, different regions (languages) and each time delivered by a subject matter specialist.

> Discover the largest portfolio of mobility expert sessions, from product and software training, up to masterclasses on managing the latest mobile OS.

Workplace apps: boost efficiency, build the app

By doing smart configuration and integration, we ensure you can benefit from all standard available tools and services without employee hassle: we centrally control and push configuration to apps and devices.

But sometimes, the standard apps are just not good enough to truly boost the employee efficiency and you need a custom built app that fits your way of working.

“A custom business app allows you to use all the intelligence of the mobile device combined with centrally stored data; it’s time to rethink those forms and processes”

Gert, mobco development

Think about approval processes on the go, replacing paper documents and forms for field engineers, …

We understand the enterprise business and we know how to build apps.

> Learn how we develop enterprise apps and how a low investment can yield a high business return!

Your employees require super tools to boost their efficiency.
We can help with that and mobilize your business!