Our lessons learned after 10 years of Mobco

Since 2010 we are involved in mobile workplace projects. The technology we master, our expertise, to control mobile devices has become the default management technique for the modern workplace. In this white paper we describe three pillars we see playing a crucial part in the implementation of the modern workplace.

This is not a technical white paper but oriented towards the business owners and managers who are interested to learn how the modern workplace can reduce the operational cost and increase business revenue.

Find out how a better employee experience boosts business profit. ​

Missed our webinar on Mobile Nostalgia?
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Bob Tinker, founder and former CEO of MobileIron and Ojas Rege, former Chief Strategy, are authorities in the domain of mobile – your current primary workplace. They are also responsible for the birth of mobco, 10 years ago. Their vision, their technology started a whole revolution in our workplace!

10 years later, the three meet again to look back at the early days of mobile and how it changed the world.

Mobile nostalgia to better understand the current trends and more importantly, to predict the future.
Where will we stand in 10 years from now, how will your smartphone look like, how will you work?