The asset management tool that is changing companies

Large companies have an impressive and growing fleet of employee devices and assets: laptops, smartphones, smartwatches and tablets. But all of these assets require attention: from employee demand, delivery, repair up to end-of-life replacement. Luckily, there is a new tool on the market allowing you to streamline your asset management with minimal effort and maximum automation.

What is this new tool?

The Employee Service Portal (in short: ESP ) is built by the mobco team, based on suggestions and feedback from our clients. The portal covers the entire life cycle of the employee devices: from device selection, request, approval and delivery, up to repair and self-service actions.

Power to the employee!

Every employee has his own device preferences: some want Apple while others prefer Samsung, some want bigger storage while others prefer a better camera. With the Employee Service Portal, the freedom of choice lies with the end-user.

The ESP offers a webshop-like experience where employees can request a repair or choose a new device. The portal also includes a clear overview of work devices, including repair or order statuses. This means no more e-mails from employees asking when their tablet will be back from repair!

Improvements and integrations for the IT department

We built the ESP tool with the concerns and requests of the IT departments in our minds. Asset management is a very time-consuming activity, and this is largely due to the increase in mobile devices. And let that be our core business!

We have eliminated those extra efforts through smart integration and maximum automation with Unified Endpoint Management systems (formerly known as Mobile Device Management). The platform is constantly updated with information gathered from the company’s Active Directory and mobile management platform, and also by mobco on new hardware deliveries and repairs. This means that the IT department has a clear overview of all assets in the company and can keep a detailed record of all hardware movements and (spare) stock level.

Why companies love the tool

ESP does not only offer advantages for employees and IT departments, but the portal is also a huge improvement for employers.

It lowers the operational burden and administrative overhead because of its smart integrations with other platforms. This includes a fully automated order and repair flow, including pick-up and delivery! The secured platform also brings a significant increase in efficiency for all employees and the IT department.

Convinced? Contact our sales department ( for a quick chat or a demo and discover how ESP can be implemented in your company.