The Samsung XCover4S, the first SUV smartphone!

Jun 28, 2019 | Hardware, Samsung

There’s one really excited mobco product manager, and we want to know why! A short interview with Gertjan Timmermans, our product manager for mobile hardware and related services, explaining why he believes the new Samsung Xcover 4S is the best SUV smartphone ever…


How would you position the Xcover smartphone in the overcrowded smartphone market?

“It’s the first SUV smartphone. It’s built for hard and rough work, but it handles like a modern and fast mobile office smartphone. The device is dust and waterproof, you can drop it… it’s really the device you want when the usage gets a little tougher. At the same time, you get all the modern features inside including a fast CPU, an up-to-date operating system, secure connectivity, … it’s all there!”


When you compare the smartphone with the luxury SUV car market, it also means it’s a pricy device?

“The comparison is made because it’s tough on the outside but luxurious on the inside. The comparison stops when it comes down to pricing, this is probably the best value for money smartphone. In the typical environment of field engineers, construction workers, … a standard smartphone will not last very long. But with the Xcover 4S we get a device that lasts longer, thanks to its built-in protection, and it’s priced at the bottom of the pricing scale. It doesn’t get any better than this!”


Is this a new device on the market?

“The new 4S is an evolution on the very popular Xcover 4. The Samsung team simply made a good device even better, including more power and an update to the entire hardware to meet the most demanding app requirements. This device is unique in the market and therefore is one of the most popular smartphones in industrial environments. Aside from some smaller brands, we don’t see any other big suppliers entering this ruggedized market segment with such an interestingly priced and feature rich model. Samsung is doing a great job in the enterprise market and extended this expertise to the field.”


Are there specific Enterprise features?

“For sure, the whole range of professional management and control capabilities are available; support for zero-touch enrolment, full remote and automatic configuration, full security and a completely customizable employee experience. On top of all that, when buying at mobco, you get an extra warranty!”


Can we order the device today?

“The official launch of the Xcover 4S is scheduled for the coming weeks, but you can already order at mobco! I would also encourage procurement officers to challenge us for a leasing proposal; for much less than a Euro a day they could equip a field engineer with the best SUV smartphone out there!” Thanks Gertjan for this clear insight, we start to understand why he is so excited about the upcoming launch. Over the coming weeks we will send out regular communication on the Samsung Xcover 4S, but if you can’t wait to see or learn more, please send us an e-mail asap via!