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Dappersveld-Woestijn Vineyard

Local Belgian Wine

The Dappersveld-Woestijn vineyard is situated in the beautiful Pajottenland-region, south-west of Brussels and holds 5.4 acres of different vitis vinifera cépages (pinot noir, pinot blanc, pinot gris, chardonnay, auxerrois, riesling en gamay).

The plots are divided over the municipalities of Pepingen, Gooik and Gaasbeek.

Five different wines were served:

  • Rosé 2019 van Gamay en Auxerrois
  • Auxerrois 2018
  • Riesling 2019
  • Glou Glou Pinot Noir 2019
  • Pinot Noir Barrique 2019