How to turn a smartphone into a tool for work

Over the past years mobile management has evolved towards a full configuration, control and security suite. Thanks to the device manufacturers a close integration in the mobile device operating system is possible and opens a spectrum of new capabilities: We can turn a standard smartphone or tablet into a task device with a specific configuration.

What are my options when introducing mobile devices into my company?

Depending on your business you should go for either an office configuration or a specific configuration.

Office configuration: By providing the possibility to your employees to opt-in their (private or company owned) devices into your mobile service, they will gain access to corporate resources such as email, intranet, documents and inhouse applications.

Specific configuration: With a specific configuration we will lock-down the device so it can only be used for work because the device is critical for work and maybe even for the personal safety of the employee. In these cases the device needs to function all the time and in any circumstance.

To guarantee the functionality, a better control over the device is required; the employee should not be able to opt-out of the service or change configuration parameters that would cripple the business applications.

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Seris, expert in guarding and security solutions, is a mobco customer and has made a deliberate choice for a specific configuration to turn standard smartphones into task devices. The rationale are clear, when apps are critical for the business and the safety of the employee, the solution needs to work all the time.

mobco implemented a solution that allows zero-touch roll-out and full remote control over the device configuration and apps. An impressive improvement in service quality and better communication cost control resulted from the project.


Devices bought at mobco are preconfigured for your business!

mobco is an enterprise reseller for Apple and Samsung. This means we deliver mobile devices preconfigured for your business, and only your business. This requires a minimal set-up of an EMM service (in your data center or in the cloud), it eliminates the need of private email or ID’s to set-up devices, it provides better control and security: these devices will only work for your business.

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