Workplace management

A modern and mobile workplace requires new tools for management and configuration. 
mobco integrates Unified Endpoint Management products and supports your modern workplace.

Choice for HR and procurement by enabling automated stock and order management.

Choice for the employees to manage and select their preferred device for work.

Choice for IT by connecting to just any Unified Endpoint Management platform.

Connects from the cloud to your unique or multiple UEM installations, providing you a single dashboard for all assets owned by your employees

A simple platform with self-service actions for employees and cross-platform actions for your IT support staff

Know what assets are being used by your employees, maximise use of your existing stock, keep track of repairs and renewals

Integrated approval and procurement processes ensure management ownership and lower overhead costs for asset acquisition

"A specific configuration for our mobile devices was built in days,
the smartphones we use are now SERIS security tools!"
Danny Van Dormael
CEO Seris

Microsoft Intune expert services

Our expert consultants assist your IT team to set-up large scale Intune projects to manage desktops, applications and your mobile devices.

From analysis, delivery up to support.

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Expert services

Since 2010 we’ve been investing in expertise in enterprise mobility.
We know how to integrate mobile devices into large enterprise and complex IT infrastructures.

Our expert services are at your service, a few examples:

– Microsoft Intune project set-up
– Technical mobile policy development
– Architecture validation and design
– Mobile health check 

Devices work out-of-the-box ?

That’s 100% correct!

No more imaging of devices, no more time wasted at IT to stage devices before delivering to employees. We deliver straight from the factory to the employee.

Sure, it’s hard work behind the scenes, but by implementing the right UEM tools in combination with Apple Device Enrolment and Zero-Touch for Android, you get the magic of self configuring devices!

By using Samsung KNOW zero touch enrollment you can enroll hundreds devices without touching them

Why manage the modern workplace

The modern workplace brings you more functionalities on just any device, without loosing control.

Once a management platform or UEM is integrated in your infrastructure, we translate your wish list and policies into configurations.
These configurations get deployed automatically to new or existing devices when the user opts-in.

That’s saving you time and money! No more device per device handling…

Remote configuration, management and control over all types of devices.

That’s saving you even more time and money! Just one click to push new configurations or apps to any device.

On top, you gain access to features that are just impossible using manual configurations:
– automatic certificate deployment
– configuration of apps
– per-app-VPN settings
– specific device configuration aka ‘kiosk’ mode for task devices

Once the UEM platform (on-premise or cloud) is set-up it enables a gradual introduction of new services and apps without extra investment.

Start building your “mobile menu” today and let us worry about the technology!

Gartner 2019 UEM Magic Quadrant shows all the leading UEM vendors

Workplace Management

Mobile Device Management or Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) covers “all” devices in the enterprise: smartphones, tablets, Apple macOS and traditional Microsoft Windows PC’s.

Our expertise is to help you select the best possible platform, design the infrastructure, integrate it and support you.

We support market leading UEM platforms from Mobileiron, VMware Workspace One and Microsoft Intune mentioned in the Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant.

In addition, we support specialised platforms: JAMF with focus on Apple and Samsung KNOX.

Migration Services

From support to outsourcing

We understand your needs evolve and you might need to migrate to the best suitable management platform.

We can help you migrate from any UEM platform to any other platform we support:
– limited or no user impact
– automated migration process 
– no IT resources required
– no device handling 
– no helpdesk overload

Migrating users from platform A to B has never been easier!

Once your UEM platform is up and running we continue to support you in your day-to-day IT operational activities.

Standard you get our reactive support called “Integration Support” where we troubleshoot beyond the UEM platform. 

Using our Iron support option we extend the working hours from 7 AM until 22 PM and you get priority ticket handling.

With the “Upgrade Management” option we take care of your on-premise installation and keep the entire set-up on the latest stable version.

“Workplace Management” is the top of the service range where we basically take responsibility over the entire workplace. That includes hardware delivery, repair, configuration and helpdesk.

Contact us so we can find out the best service level to support your business!


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