Workplace Self Service

For your modern (home) workplace

Flexible and remote working is the new reality, a development that calls for an update of the modern workplace. With mobco's Workplace Self Service, your IT team no longer needs to take care of the enrolment and support of the modern workplace themselves, more time and energy thus to focus on your core business!

More efficient for your business, better for your employees

“The mobco Workplace Self Service is like company car leasing, but for the modern workplace: select your favourite device, get it preconfigured, secured and call mobco for support or repair!” – Ulrik Van Schepdael, mobco CEO.  

Flexibility in choice of devices and mobile subscriptions

Cost-saving through automatic workplace management

Absolute protection of your company data, including on mobile devices

Real-time overview of all workplace assets

Innovative & customisable employee reward package tool

Enabling employee choice

Smartphones, tablets, computers, accessoires to connect, carry or charge tools, … Enabling employee choice has become a complex and almost impossible mission. 

With mobco’s Workplace Self Service, a unique, secured and simple dashboard, employees can now order, manage, secure and repair the needed workplace devices by themselves. The device of choice is delivered directly to the employee and works out of the box, removing the configuration complexity for both the employees and the IT team! 

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Lower operational expense

Managing and tracking all workplace assets using one dashboard? Check! With Workplace Self Service, your IT team should no longer worry about the complexity of managing different devices using multiple management platforms. Choose Workplace Self Service and boost the power of Microsoft Intune, JAMF, Workspace One or Ivanti by registering, retiring or locking a device or multiple devices simultaneously with just one mouse click. 

Not convinced yet? By opting for Workplace Self Service, we open up our expert support to your employees for all their workplace questions, saving you time, money and resources to invest in your core business!

Safeguarding security at all times

Just because the modern workplace is located outside of a corporate network, doesn’t mean that security should be neglected, on the contrary.

To protect your company data to the fullest, Workplace Self Service relies on role-based access, only enabling staff members to consult the data. Above all, the system can detect security threats and remediate before it gets worse, allowing you to confidently roll out your modern workplace in no time.


Real-time overview of all workplace assets

Having a real-time and accurate overview of all assets being used in your workplace is quite a challenge. Or not anymore? 

With Workplace Self Service business support teams, including HR, can now track all existing assets, manage stock and produce new assets via one platform. Easier than ever thus to have an accurate list per employee for the Benefit in Kind calculation. 

Flexible rewards with minimal extra effort

Different employees, different needs. Offering the right benefits at the right time might not only be time-consuming but can also create an administrative burden. Not anymore!

With Workplace Self Service, your employees can now select and order the corporate tools that meet their needs and preferences via a simple dashboard. All you have to do is choose a budget and construct a portfolio of available tools per position and function. 


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