Workplace Self Service, your new companion in the war for talent

Today’s talent market is highly competitive. With Workplace Self Service, we can help you attract, motivate and retain top talent by enrolling an end-to-end flexible rewards solution, enabling you to offer a more attractive and flexible compensation package. Discover now what our state-of-the-art solution has in store for your business.

Boost recruitment & retention

In today’s workplace every employee has different expectations when it comes to remuneration. A flexible reward plan, which gives your employees the option to choose their own benefits, might be the perfect solution to that challenge. Strengthen your employer brand, choose Workplace Self Service (WSS) and offer the right benefits at the right time. 

Reduce the administrative burden

Establishing a flexible rewards plan is time-consuming and often comes with a heavy administrative burden. Not anymore. With Workplace Self Service, we help you simplify the process, reduce the burdens and extra work. Our state-of-the-art platform merges all administration in one tool, automating all workplace processes. 

Increase employee engagement

Smartphones, tablets, computers, accessories to connect, carry, protect or charge. Enabling employee choice is a complex mission. With WSS, employees can order, manage, request and repair the needed workplace devices by themselves. All you must do is choose a budget and construct a portfolio of available tools per position and function. The devices are delivered pre-configured for work at the location of their choice.

A real-time overview of all workplace assets

Having a real-time and accurate overview of all assets being used in your workplace can be quite a challenge. With Workplace Self Service you can now track all existing benefits, manage stock and produce new assets via one single platform. Easier than ever thus to have an accurate list per employee for your Benefit in Kind calculation. 

Cut on operational expenses

WSS offers a real-time overview on all workplace assets, allowing you to respond better, more easily and faster to cost evolutions and benefits packages. Not convinced yet? By opting for WSS, we open our expert support to your employees for all their workplace questions, saving you time, money and resources to invest in your core business. 

“With our Flex-reward tool, Accenture offers its employees a range of benefits, including Apple products. Mobco is the ideal partner for this. Due to smooth order processing and fast home deliveries, our employees enjoy a premium out of the box experience.”
Wim Cuypers
IT Director Accenture BeNeLux, France, Mauritius and Morocco

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