Securing Your AI Future with the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge

Jun 14, 2024 | Hardware, Samsung

With its enhanced security, productivity, and connectivity features, the Galaxy Book4 Edge offers organisations a seamless integration of AI functionalities. Join us as we delve into how Samsung’s latest notebook empowers organisations to embark on their AI journey with confidence, revolutionising their approach to work and innovation.

In today’s fast-paced digital arena, embracing AI isn’t merely an option: it’s a prerequisite for staying afloat and forging ahead. AI holds the key to unlocking untapped potential, fuelling innovation, and maintaining a competitive edge. But there’s a catch: to truly harness AI’s transformative power, you must have the right tools at your disposal.

That’s where Samsung’s Galaxy Book4 Edge comes to play. With its lightning-fast performance and futuristic design, the Galaxy Book4 Edge is the perfect ally in your journey towards AI-driven excellence.

To not just help you survive, but thrive in today’s AI-driven landscape, this blog delves into the latest business innovations of the Samsung Book4 Edge and illustrates how this cutting-edge device can help you securely unlock AI’s full capabilities.


Setting New Benchmarks for Productivity

The Galaxy Book4 Edge continues Samsung’s legacy of premium experiences, blending cutting-edge hardware with AI-driven software. With its Snapdragon® X Elite processor delivering 45 TOPS NPU processing power, it sets a new standard for accelerated AI capabilities, ensuring a seamless user experience that evolves over time.

With features such as Recall streamlining document searches and Live Captions overcoming language barriers during video calls, the Galaxy Book4 Edge seamlessly blends lightning-fast AI processing, a dedicated AI key, and a long-lasting battery, redefining productivity in today’s modern workplace.


Elevating AI Connectivity

The Galaxy Book4 Edge marks a new era in enterprise productivity with its groundbreaking Galaxy AI features. Seamlessly integrating cross-device connectivity and a hybrid processing approach that merges on-device and cloud-based capabilities, it ensures uninterrupted access to AI features, even when offline.

This device revolutionises the user experience by providing effortless access to a comprehensive suite of AI enhancements. Serving as a Copilot+ PC, it simplifies tasks and supercharges productivity through intuitive everyday language commands. By connecting a mobile device to the Galaxy Book4 Edge, users unlock a wealth of Galaxy AI features on a larger, more immersive display, elevating professional workflows to new heights.


Unparalleled security in the AI-driven Era

In the realm of AI, data security isn’t just paramount, it’s non-negotiable. With the Galaxy Book4 Edge, Samsung places this fundamental need at the forefront of its design. Powered by Samsung Knox, a defence-grade security platform, and bolstered with Microsoft’s Secured-core PC certification, this device ensures every piece of data is shielded from threats, both on-device and in the cloud.

But it goes beyond that. The Galaxy Book4 Edge elevates data privacy by processing select AI functions locally, eliminating the need to upload sensitive data to the cloud. Whether through Galaxy AI features or Copilot+ functions, users can trust that their privacy remains intact and under their control. With Microsoft’s suite of security features providing continuous oversight for cloud-based AI activities, users can navigate the digital landscape with confidence, knowing their privacy is never compromised.

With Device Privacy Settings granting users the autonomy to customise their device and AI safeguards, the Galaxy Book4 Edge isn’t just a device, it’s a testament to Samsung Galaxy’s steadfast commitment to empowering users with choice, trust, and unparalleled security in the AI-driven era.


Availability and Pricing

Launching in Belgium and Luxembourg on June 18, 2024, the Galaxy Book4 Edge provides businesses with an entry point to seamlessly integrate AI functionalities into their operations due to its enhanced security, productivity, and connectivity features.

Available in both 14-inch and 16-inch sizes, each model boasts a refined finish for a sleek, premium feel, crafted from a variety of recycled materials.

With prices starting at €1342,21 (VAT Exclusive) for the 14-inch model and €1421,21 (VAT Exclusive) for the 16-inch variant, the Galaxy Book4 Edge provides businesses with an affordable yet premium solution for integrating AI functionalities into their operations. As the cherry on top, if you purchase the Galaxy Book 4 Edge Series before 31/07/2024, you’ll receive a free Galaxy Tab S9 FE Series.

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