mobco workplace for C-level

More efficient for your business, better for your employees

Flexibility and predictability, the pillars of the modern workplace. With mobco workplace we aim at reinforcing your business in enrolling a flexible modern workplace at a fixed cost per month. Just like car leasing, your employees can select their favorite device, mobco vouches for the delivery, configuration, security, maintenance, support, and repair. You as an employer retain an overview at all times. Efficient, no?

General efficiency driven by a focus on what really matters

The workplace is crucial to do business, but not your core business. Free up the time of your IT team to focus on what really matters, outsource your IT support. Our workplace experts are available 24/7 to answer all workplace-related questions from both end users and VIPs. As the users and the devices are correlated in mobco workplace, our experts have a quick overview of what assets belong to which users, allowing them to immediately take action when needed. That’s what we call Workplace Support!

Your new weapon in the war for talent

Talent retention and talent attraction, two challenges that are currently high on the agenda of many organizations. Become an employer of choice, offer flexibility. mobco workplace allows you to easily implement employee choice within your organization. Based on their predefined employee profile and available budget, employees can order their favorite devices through our online store. The device of choice is delivered pre-configured for work at the preferred location, so they can get started immediately.

A flexible workplace at a predictable cost

Cutting costs without compromising on employee satisfaction, that’s mobco workplace. Configure your personalized Workplace Store and let your end users order their favorite device at a predictably cost. With Workplace Financing, you can even extend the flexibility and let your employees buy or lease the preferred device through a wide range of payment options. Vouchers, a fixed budget per employee group, an integration with flexible income plays, … We’ve got you covered!