Fairphone, sustainable, fair and long-lasting

Becoming sustainable doesn’t happen overnight. But if you do have the ambition, mobco now offers the perfect solution to help you exploit your sustainable business potential. Say hello to the Fairphone 5!

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Love using your fair phone longer

By joining forces with Fairphone, we’re taking fair to the next level. The Fairphone 5 is made of recycled, responsibly sourced and conflict-free materials. But environmental friendliness is not only in the materials used, a long user life is at least as important. That’s why every Fairphone 5 comes with 5-year warranty and is backed with OS, software and security updates until 2031. Sustainability has never been this powerful!

Yours to open, yours to keep

You don’t need to be an expert to swap out the battery, display or camera. No part of the Fairphone 5 is glued shut, making it easier than ever to replace broken parts by yourself with a standard screwdriver. Good for the world and even better for your wallet!

Designed with an eye for human needs

The Fairphone 5 is a statement of industrial design, bringing you a 6.46 inch Full HD+ OLED display, 5G speed, a great battery life, a premium dual-camera, a large amount of expandable storage and a powerful processor for only €699. Why wait to make it yours to enjoy?

Flexible financing options? Check!

Due to our solid partnerships with financial institutions, we are able to offer you flexible financing options on all Fairphone devices, letting you select the institution you would like to work with. Also interested in our managed services? Take us on board for a fixed amount per device per month!

Premium devices, exceptional services

Every Fairphone 5 we ship comes pre-configured for work and is accompanied by premium services. Extended warranty, professional accessories, expert advice & support, quality repair, first line security just to name a few.