mobco workplace for fleet managers

Manage your mobile fleet smartly and efficiently

Pandemic aside, this decade presents you, fleet managers, with several new challenges demanding subject matter expertise in areas not experienced before. From electrification over data science to adapting to managing supply chain disruption. The challenges, and opportunities, are endless. Onboard mobco workplace and make your mobile fleet greener, more efficient, and more productive.

Leverage analytics, optimize your fleet management strategy

During fleet operations there is a lot of valuable data generation, a process that calls for an effective mechanism to organize and preserve this information. With mobco workplace we offer you an out-of-the box monitoring solution to use the generated data to facilitate achieving your business goals. Our Workplace Dashboard provides a quick and general overview on the current state of your workplace (tools) from both an administrator and employee point of view.

One lifecycle, many complex steps

Identifying the right workplace tools, facilitating the purchase, registering and maintaining the devices, … There is a lot to consider when managing a mobile fleet, leaving few time to focus on ironing out the process to increase efficiency and cut costs. With mobco workplace’s Workplace Self Service your end users can now manage their own device flow, from purchase over repair to swap. On top, they gain access to 24/7 support, freeing up the time of your IT team to focus on strategic and tactical IT. Zero admin intervention during the entire device lifecycle? Check!

More is less, create an outstanding employee experience

Different employees, different needs. So, why standardise the devices and tools used for work? mobco workplace provides the differentiation in device choice, telco options and device repair policies based on the end user hierarchy currently in place. That’s employee choice at its finest!