The EMEA, the largest European network of digital workplace experts

mobco is founding member of the European Mobility Expert Alliance (EMEA), the largest group of enterprise mobility experts in Europe with a clear focus on the modern workplace. The alliance, founded in 2015, consists of companies active in Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Switzerland – mobco, EBF, CWSI, BLAUD, and Nomasis.
As we believe innovation is only possibly through collaboration, we exchange resources, market intelligence and best practices with the other EMEA members to support each other and each other’s customers 24/7 and to provide best in class mobility solutions.
And with success! We’ve been trusted by some of Europe’s largest brands and government organizations to deliver digital workplace solutions that prove best-in-class employee experience without sacrificing security, compliance, or privacy.

We are the members of EMEA

EBF-EDV Beratung Föllmer GMBH

+49 221 8888 500


Belgium, Luxembourg
+32 2 6699 500


United Kingdoms, Ireland
+353 1 2932 500

Blaud B.V.

The Netherlands
+31 88 030 9000


“When we initially set up the EMEA, our goal was to share information across national borders and to build on the expertise of each individual partner. The project has been extremely successful, especially in terms of the technological developments we’ve witnessed, and we’re constantly sharing information and resources. We also work together on a range of different projects, such as assessing and validating new software for our customers. This in turn provides them with undoubted added value: we can provide faster support, even better quality, and a broader range of expertise. I’m proud to see how well the various EMEA teams work together.“

– Ulrik Van Schepdael, CEO mobco