mobco workplace for procurement

Employee choice at a predictable cost

Today’s modern workplace is all about offering flexibility and choice. Onboard mobco workplace and let your employees pick, order, manage and repair their favorite workplace tools, based on their predefined employee profile and available budget. Simplifying IT management while maintaining business standards and this at a predictable cost per workplace per month? Say no more!

Providing employees with the best tools for work

With mobco workplace implementing employee choice for a fixed cost per month is no longer a dream. Once having defined the user profiles, product catalogs, pricing and rules, your end users can start shopping their favorite workplace tools through a dedicated Workplace Store. If allowed, they can even pay extra for an upgraded model. For maximum flexibility, mobco workplace also integrates with several flexible income plans.

Fixed costs meeting employee needs

Cutting down on employee costs without compromising on employee satisfaction may seem difficult to do. Configure your personalized Workplace Store, let end users pick their device of choice and stay on top of your budget with Workplace Financing. Buy or lease the devices, provide vouchers, set a fixed budget per employee group or let your employees pay the on top amount themselves through online banking. That’s what we call employee choice at a predictable cost per workplace!

Let big data improve your bottom line

There’s a wealth of important data flowing through your department, but do you have the right tools at your disposal to capture this data and gain real-time spend visibility? mobco workplace’s Workplace Dashboard offers a quick and general overview of the current state of your workplace, such as an overview of all pending requests and most recently added assets. The perfect basis thus for optimizing your supply chain!