mobco workplace for security

A secure and future-proof modern workplace

In today’s modern workplace, your enterprise is onboarding more devices and creating, using, and storing more data in cloud-based services than ever before. While this shift brings unprecedented opportunities to your business, cyber threats are increasing too. mobco workplace helps ensure a productive and secure modern workplace by strengthening authentication, better protecting your corporate devices and data, reinforcing mobile policies, and much more.

Protecting corporate resources at all times

The broad adoption of mobile devices has created new and endless ways for cyber criminals to gain access to your corporate resources, as more than half of the devices that your employees use to access your organization’s data are mobile. Our Workplace Dashboard provides a real-time overview of all workplace assets, allowing you to monitor, mitigate and investigate risks at all times without violating the end user’s privacy and trust.

Securing devices with a single click

Hybrid and remote working offer compelling long-term benefits, but making your modern workplace scalable, sustainable and, most of all, secure, might be a challenge. With mobco workplace, we aim at empowering your business in managing and safeguarding your corporate environment. mobco workplace integrates with multiple Unified Endpoint Management platforms, such as Ivanti/MobileIron, Samsung Knox, VMWare Workspace One, Jamf and Microsoft Intune, allowing you to manage all workplace assets, regardless of their operating system, through one platform. With Workplace Single-Click you can even take actions on all employee assets with one single click. That’s what we call efficiency!

Fast and easy compliance in the workplace

As hybrid and remote working are here to stay, reinforcing (new) mobile policies might be trickier. Or not. Avoid chasing end users, needless paperwork and endless discussions on rules and guidelines, onboard mobco workplace. With Workplace Policies, your employees can now digitally sign and accept mobile policies when logging onto the platform. You define the rules, no workarounds possible.