Workplace support

The leaseplan of the modern workplace

Workplace management is the cornerstone of building and maintaining a positive work environment. With a frictionless workplace, employees can work efficiently and safely. It’s a strategic part of keeping employees happy and productive. So, why not let us lend you a hand? With over 10 years of enterprise experience, we know how to enroll and support your modern workplace!

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Eliminate workplace management complexity with mobco workplace

Interested in dramatically lowering the operational cost of your (home) workplace, while reinforcing your employee experience? mobco’s workplace portal connects from the cloud to your existing IT infrastructure, providing you with a single dashboard with all assets owned by your employees, allowing you to maximize use of the existing stock and keep track of repairs and renewals. On top, the simple platform empowers your employees with self-service actions across the entire workplace lifecycle. Similar to car leasing, where an employee can select a company car based on the available budget, we enable your employee with a choice in the tools used for work. Once ordered, the devices are delivered pre-configured for work to the location of choice. To further streamline the asset procurement process, your employees can even perform daily workplace asset tasks such as registering and managing a device/SIM card or requesting a repair or new workplace tool.

Let’s mobilize your (home) workforce

With mobco workplace, you have a powerful tool at your disposal to enable end-user support without having to free up your own enterprise resources. But when mobco’s workplace portal isn’t sufficient and you require additional assistance to help out your employees, our workplace support offering is your best option. For a fixed fee per employee per month, mobco provides a professional helpdesk service directly to your employees assisting them in self-service questions, device ordering, repair and asset actions. Our standard workplace support offering consists of support for asset related issues from 9 AM to 5 PM on business days. As nowadays employees want to work anytime, we extended our support offering with VIP workplace support, ensuring priority ticket handeling from 7 AM to 10 PM on business days.